Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Windows HD troubles? Look to LINUX (uBuntu)

I recently found myself trying to find more space on a 20GB HD for a client. The PC was returning "insufficient system resources existing to complete the API. Just did the basics to give it room to breathe, but within several days, it would not get past that error. I went to take a look for myself, and there was nothing I could do. I took the HD home, tried to mount it via USB, but Windows7 said not enough space (to even view files on the HD). Ouch. I had not seen this problem before. There had to be another way. I could see the HD was mounted, but I couldnt think of anything further I could do with it. Then I thought of uBuntu. I had played around with it before and I knew it even worked with corrupted windows HDs in the past. So I booted the CD from 2007 I had of it, and there was the HD. I could easily delete the pagefile sys, movie maker, outlook, frontpage and more. I just hoped that Windows recognized the delete from uBuntu upon trying to mount it on my Windows7 machine again. It did, but I saw that those files were in the trash. I emptied the trash, and the space on the HD was now at approx 15GB! I put it back in their machine and they were back in biz. Just one more reason why LINUX is better than Windows.