Friday, September 30, 2005

New Car Search

Have you found me a car yet? In case you havent read my blog, I am in need of a new/used car. My 1992 Honda Civic is too old, has over 255k miles, and has too many problems now to put money into it. So I am donating it to the kidney foundation and looking for another ride. And no, I do not have any real preference as of yet. Sure, my fantasy car since grade school is a jeep, but they consume way too much gas. Next up would be a 68 drop-top camaro, but it has the same problem. So I am looking at the Toyota Prius.

Advanced Transportation
Fuel-efficiency claims for hybrid cars fall far short
Good hybrid info
Hybrid car MPG estimates from the government
MPG estimates from the government
Fuel efficient cars to come?
Honda Civic Hybrid Info
Plastic to Diesel
Hydrogen Generator working prototype
Honda Delivers FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle to World's First Individual Customer
Prototype: ENV Hydrogen Fuelcell Motorbike
The Summer Of Scooters

2000 honda insight - $8500 (2001 has CVT option)
42 to 45mpg avg?
May be eligible for a "clean fuel" deduction of $2,000 if placed in service by the end of 2005. The current clean-fuel vehicle tax deduction will end after December 31, 2005.
2005 insight video
How to Demo Your Insight in Just 20 Steps
CONS: only 2-seater
46 mpg in the city and 51 mpg on the highway

1997 subaru outback $6-$9k
23/30 mpg

1972 refurb volkwagen beatle convertible - $7k

1992 honda civic (my current car)
Kelly Blue Book Value (Private Party) - $1,625!!!
Kelly Blue Book Retail Value - $3,750
Hwy 37 MPG and city 30 MPG

1986 Jeep CJ7 (car i always wanted)
Hwy 20 / City 19
Try Auto Auction? (really need a mechanic w/you to make sure its ok)

Dont pay for gov auction listings or anything of the sort!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

HydrogenFuelCell / Biodiesel

Hydrogen Fuel System Kit converts your existing vehicle to run on Hydrogen.

Running a Gasoline Engine on Hydrogen Using Water

Hydrogen Generator working prototype

Honda Delivers FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle to World's First Individual Customer

Prototype: ENV Hydrogen Fuelcell Motorbike

The New Prize: Alternative Fuels

Rob Del Bueno
Retail Biodiesel Filling Point now available in Cabbagetown, Atlanta!
You can now buy biodiesel for your car or truck right here in downtown Atlanta. We currently have very erratic operating hours, but we can setup an appointment for your filling. Please call Robert Del Bueno, at (404)219-9709 for an appointment or more details

Kris Smith is one of the founders of this company:

Turbo Direct Injection Diesel)

From the Fry Daddy to your Car (2004)

FIND YOUR OWN GREASEL! m=500&priceto=2000&fuel=Diesel&submit=Search+%bb

Development Yields Antifreeze from Biodiesel

check out the biodiesel t-shirts

American Council on Renewable Energy

Friday, September 23, 2005

poetry collider

She is lost
and yet she continues to leave breadcrumbs
comfortable in the hum-drum, if only for the moment
with the day almost done
she gazes at the world outside
she doesnt run, its safer inside
riding the lines of her life
waiting for superman, in the night
the excitement, the adventure, is someone there?
listening and waiting, she touches her hair
she is leaving
she is searching for a home of her own
feels she is going it alone
waiting and watching, as the days are gone
she is here
within my reach, within my grasp
running in the river
surely not to come in last

072805 -lisa
uncertain is the space
human being is the place
the stars in her eyes i do trace
gentle waters in which we bathe
let the past fall, let the past fade
into your life, i will wade
and test the waters, so clear and blue
till the stars fall down, our love will do
all the dreams and anticipation
yet we are already in, our destination
and as i rest and ponder
i dream of you, and wonder...

072805 - For Alberto
You deserve a getaway, to experience the far away,
of sun and sand, and oceans blue
of time and space, and places new.
Friends so dear and close to heart,
in this life, do take part
and enjoy what there is to see and do
a good time to be had by me and you

overnight - June2005
2 worlds collide
human beings
midnight embrace
gentle whispers on our breath
the warmth of the closeness of you

i would like to be more than ordinary
inspire the weak to be strong
another human am i
i wish i could fly

Lisa - June2005
I met someone
truly someone new
smiles, bright eyes and kisses too

a guitar, some wine, and she sings
thoughts, butterflies and daydreams

I met someone
that someone is you


here we are,
caught up, trivial, meaning nothing,
oblivious to it all
and thinking we have a grip.
reality comes full, less often than we know
playing the game

take time,
think, understand, let go
converse, gather and begin
the changes that are needed so
children at heart and mind

Just your hand on the screen, near me
searching, pointing, looking for something
is beautiful.
I wrap myself in it.
I memorize the imagery, the feeling
You were here
near me

times will change
and plants will grow
the sky doesnt fall
the chinese know

for thru the years
the feeling - the same
you reap what you sow
and you cant hide from shame

she stands in silence
a beauty all alone
the night is young
and choice is hers
will the night yield her strength?
she takes pleasure in the small caress
that she loses in her subconscious
bright eyes and moist lips
she craves her surprise

soft and delicate
she waits with patience
for a lifetime
the night drifts by
as she clutches her love
so unsure of tomorrow
and not prepared for today
she aches for togetherness
she sits as attention is his
she waits

lost is he
as he travels thru time
and licks his wounds from within
cheers and crys
all his to share
he loses his problems
in the vision of today
smiles are his
but only for a moment
on tv

she inhales her passion
but there is none to be found (not with the naked eye)
so much waiting in her life
as she sits calmly in the pond
dreaming of the frog
that will kiss her lips
and become her happiness

Love hides
in every corner, crack and crevice
to spill onto you
slow down, you move too fast
but life is short
or so they say
the sitcom is yours to live
smiles inside, as passion flows
and hides

Complacency is mine
as the night craves excitement
and i sit in the shadows
comfortable and warm
sturdy in my seat
the bar my home
nocturne is done

A constant craving for being with you
I ache for love, but what I need is patience.
I am infatuated by you.

Trying to find my way back home
The mystery outside alone
The struggle within
Looking, searching, dont know where I've been
No time left
Nothing left to see
Run to the ocean, come with me
Seek the silence
Find solace

The feelings that live, breath and pulse. The feelings that fly or are fleeting. Togetherness is all around us, its what we crave, its what we need. A need, want, or feeling to belong – somehow, some way.

052400 (peace of mind)
I feel no pain
I let go and drink the rain

I dream of love
I see the stars and make wishes for tomorrow

I pray and sometimes say
I dream of lives and a better day

All these dreams and days gone by
Laughter and love that brings tears to my eyes
Life to live and love to give

I feel no pain
I feel the strain
as I learn to let go

woke up this morning
more tired than when I went to bed
too much dreaming
dreams in my head

life to dance
life to play
do not waste
don’t throw away
happiness tomorrow
a smile today

she hurts
she aches inside
she stops
she wonders why

the blame comes naturally
some may say the blind can see
and some people don’t
some people don’t really want to

I have thought it
I have known it
I can see it
but I don’t want to believe it

to hear her say it
makes me hate it
makes me question me
some people don’t really want to see

Saturday, September 17, 2005

HD backup/recovery options - WIN

Norton Ghost

Computer First Aid Using Knoppix (Boot from a LINUX CD)

-knoppix (linux) - boot from cd & try to recover files
1. click us flag 2. click download 3. pick a mirror 4. burn

-unbuntu (linux)
goto Live CD and download Intel x86 live CD
if it see files from linux bootup - able to backup!

do the linux approach before the disk rescue software. Less evasive I think - and if successful, better recovery (maybe 100%)

-easy recovery 5.1
-norton disk doctor 2k

The ways, means of Linux on the iPod;784806083;fp;2;fpid;37
Installing Knoppix
Smart Boot Manager