Thursday, June 30, 2005

Places Ive Been:

Venice, Italy
Japan -
Paris, France


Costa Rica:

Alabama - Birmingham, Demopolis, Gulf Shores
Florida - Panama, Daytona, Destin, Jacksonville, St. George Island,
California - Santa Barbara, Hollywood, San Diego (Rob Wong 0604),
Carolina - Belmont NC, Charlotte NC, Ski Beach NC, Lake Wylie SC
Colorado - Boulder, Westminster, Vail, Copper Mtn,
Georgia - Atlanta, Dalonaga, Savannah, Rome, Athens, Jeykll Island
Lousiana - New Orleans, s
Maryland - Baltimore, Towson,
Mississippi - Biloxi
Nevada - Las Vegas
New York - NYC, Hunter Mtn, Endicott
Ohio -
Tennessee - Chattanooga, Knoxville,

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

THINGS TO DO (when bored)

- MON=starbar, TUE=Startime/Twains, THURS=Trackside,
- horseback riding
- rafting down the Colorado River (6-8 days)
- skydive
- give someone flowers when they dont expect it
- take some funny fotos of yourself
- throw a party & invite friends & neighbors
- write a love letter
- read atleast 1 chapter in a book
- make a music video (lip sync to a song)
- get introspective, write a blog, poetry
- go see a live band
- write a song
- go dancing
- call someone you havent talked to in a long time
- hang out at the library for atleast an hr
- visit a state youve never been to before
- learn how to tell a real funny joke
- watch the sun come up on the beach with a friend
- write a relative & actually mail the letter
- take a bubble bath
- meet new people for dinner and/or drinks
- exercise for 3 days in a row
- karaoke