Monday, July 29, 2013

how to watch walking dead on roku 3

Your best bet is to download torrent files of the show:

Combine the Roku with Plex, and the Unsupported AppStore (UAS bundle) will give you tons more options:
>> Guide: Plex - Installing unsupported plugins
If you are using Windows, to install the bundle, right click on the Plex icon in the media tray, you can select the plugin directory. After pasting it into that folder, restart the media server.
>> How to install LetMeWatchThis plugin on a Windows Plex Server

Private channels may be an option:
Roku Private Channels List

>> FX Network and more via Amazon Prime/iTunes
>> 103012 - How To Get YouTube And Free Hulu On Your Roku Device
>> March2013 - Top 5 private channel list options

$25yr or $40 lifetime for Playon - is mostly SD (low quality) video
>> $40 Playon lifetime for Roku

VUDU for roku

You can watch them from your computer via web browser:

>> channel list
>> Private channel list PDF from JULY 2013
>> Time Warner ipad hack
>> Overall ideas 01, 02
>> Playon Channel Store
>> 3rd party Playon Plugins

Bravo Channel on Roku?
>> Roku content search
>> TWC channel only for TWC paid subscribers?
>> TWC channel for Roku
>> Playon used to have BRAVO, currently does not

Navi-X plugin for PLEX

>> XBMC plugin for PLEX

Unsupported Appstore plugin for PLEX

>> PLEX plugin bundles

>> WTV File Support

HULU free on PLEX

This workaround only seems to work because I logged into Netflix on the box before I linked the box with my Roku account. Clicking on a Hulu link wouldn't launch the Hulu app and let me login. So I unlinked the Roku 3 from my Roku account, restarted the box and logged into Netflix and Hulu. Then I relinked the box with my Roku account to regain access to the channel store. As expected Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video disappeared from my home page, but now I could launch both Hulu and Netflix from search results. If you want to tap into other US-only services like Vudu you're out of luck, because the only way you'll launch them is by accessing the US channel store. Lots of people manage to do it, but luck was not on my side.

go to and search the workflows for Roku and Netflix... then you can be sent emails on new channels and Netflix releases anywhere in the world as they are released... meaning your Roku3 can be up to date with new content

- Keywords to search for: Unsupported AppStore (UAS bundle), adding repos to roku, xbmc plugin for roku, xbmc channel for roku 3, icefilms, 1channel, let me watch this, mash2k3, 5 start flicks, m2k plain script

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

*Free Streaming TV, Movies and more.

When I use the word free, it assumes that you have a device that will run the free software, and an fairly quick internet connection.

You do not have to purchase anything. You can download and run the XBMC (X Box Media Center) software on almost any computer - or your phone/tablet (*may need to be jailbroken (see below)). You do not have to own an XBOX.

XBMC with Navi-X has loads of content, but it can take a while to find out what you are looking for. Its like walking into a new hotel room and trying to understand what is available on the tv. The available content is from all over the planet, and all the content is free (live tv, current movies, sports, Pay Per View Events and more).

Is it legal? Clearly a lot of online content is probably posted without proper permission. What you watch is up to you. I have not heard of anyone that has been arrested for watching streaming content that they did not pay for.

>> Install a web interface for even more detailed interaction

Here are the top 5 video addons:
videobull, simplymovies, iwatchonline, los movies, z movies
You can add netflix and hulu via the bluecop repo.

Remote control app for android
- or just look for xbmcRemote for iphone
and yes, it will do PVR (recording of shows like TIVO)
If you are installing OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi, their forums are here.

>> $4 Navi-X on Android/Google play

>> XBMC on jailbroken iOS

>> More how-to videos

>> Top 5 XBMC addons on Quora

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Technically illegal?

Some collected posts found on internet, in relation to the current state of online media:
Clearly a lot of online content is probably posted without proper permission.
I believe they (the ISPs) are cracking down on the suppliers not the users of the digital content. Downloading or viewing content that you do not legally own or rent from the copyright holder is illegal and will result in you being prosecuted?
"Not" illegal to watch... yet, but they are working on it CISPA etc. Technically, copyright only applies if works are being sold?
4. "Pirated content" add-ons, websites, and services typically do not include the following (to be determined on a case-by-case basis if necessary): ...
B. The add-on has the potential to access pirated content, but is potentially useful for downloading legal content as well. [For example, an add-on that downloads torrent files is not, itself, a problem, since a torrent can cover a wide variety content, including legally distributed videos.]
In the same way that a torrent can link to both pirated content and legal stuff, the user-submitted and maintained playlists (which Navi-X simply plays on XBMC) can link to both. So it falls exactly under point 4B: Not designed for piracy but potentially able to serve it along with legal content.
XBMC stance: Our goal is to limit the connection between XBMC and the acquisition of content that a person has not acquired the copyright license to personally use via the development of software, while at the same time doing as little as humanly possible to stifle creativity surrounding XBMC.
YouTube, Vimeo, etc, give access to copyrighted(pirated) content along with the legally uploaded. LOTS AND LOTS of it.
The content providers (RIAA/MPAA/ETC) need to make a real effort to try to understand supply and demand better (in relation to digital media and rapidly changing technologies). If Napster had never existed, I don't believe the music industry would have played ball with Apple on iTunes. Eventually the movie industry will wake up and smell the digital age.
As long as you are not uploading, you are not doing anything illegal. - unknown ISP

>> 080613 - Administration Seeks To Make Unauthorized Streaming A Felony