Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katrina hits home

A friend of mine and his family were directly affected by the storm:

My father, George R. Israel, a veteran of the Korean War, a retired railroad employee and now a senior citizen has become a victim of Hurricane Katrina. He lived at 108 Washington St., Bay St. Louis, MS. He had a small home just three houses from the shoreline. The storm destroyed his entire block, leaving only the slabs of the foundations of his and his neighbor's houses. He was only able to save himself and a few items of clothing. My father is now homeless and turning 77 years old this month. He's been retired for some time now and lives on a fixed income, so you can only guess how hard this will be on him.

My wife and I have given him what we believe he needed right away. New clothes, cash, shelter and some pictures of friends and family (the few that we had), but it's nothing compared to what really needs to be done. So far my father is still homeless and without any personal belongings. He has received the $2000 FEMA gave to everyone that was displaced, but I understand since he lost everything and is a senior citizen he is entitled to more.

I am writing to you for just that, my father George R. Israel needs your help. Any and all additional help would be greatly appreciated. I'm his only son and can only do so much, but I am willing to do everything in my power to get my father back on his feet, so he may live out his last few years in peace.

Please let me know how he can apply for cash assistance, financial aid, grants, low interest home loans, and or any other services you handle for Hurricane victims. You can review his los here -

Please, do not let this letter fall through the cracks.
We need HELP!

George R. Israel Jr.
1423 La France St., Atlanta, Ga. 30307

Mail your donation today.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fire Starter

In the middle of the night last week, my friend Frank Lopez and his
wife became homeless. They lost all their possessions. They did not
have insurance. Talk about starting over! They are very thankful
that they made it out alive! Read more about it here:

SATURDAY the 13th at Push Push theater. 6:00pm

FRANK LOPEZ (AKA: THE STIMULATOR) AND HOI MI, his wife, have been friends and major contributors to all of us in the Atlanta Community for a decade. Last week their house burned to the ground- they are alive and their spirits are high, but they have lost everything. NOW they need your help. PLEASE HELP – TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES -
INVITE MORE PEOPLE. SUGGESTED DONATION IS $20, But bring what you can- every dollar will help.

If you can't make it, but still want to help you can paypal him. Just goto and say "send money" and type in Every little bit counts.,+30030

Franks last work before the fire:
Hillary in 2008
White House "Lost In Space" Scenarios

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Beachin Diaries

Friday - Eric is in my room at 440am. Just 5 mins before my alarm is to go off. He is excited about leaving for the beach. We put everything in the car - and we are off into the darkness.
We arrive in Panama City at approx 11am. We are at the golf course. We drove thru lots of rain on the way down, but here its sunny - and cool because of the rain from the night before. We easily wrap up the front 9 and order our first beer - just before it begins to rain. We get a raincheck to finish the game the next day - nice! We are happy and content that things worked out so perfectly. The bartendress looks over and asks us if we would like another - without a doubt. The rain ends as we get to know a local course regular who befriends us under the guise of selling us a dozen golf balls. We ask if the course is playable - absolutely, this kinda rain happens daily. We are on the course for the back 9 in seconds as we chug our beer.
We are back on the road heading for the beach, lunch and more intoxicants - well before the second group is even in town. They meet us for a second pitcher as we get aquainted with the rest of the rag tag beach fest crew. We check in and tally up the total for the weekend. It only comes to a fantastic $65 per person for the entire weekend for the room. I really like going on vacation with Kris Sheets. Things just seem to flow... We then shower up and head out for the evening. We cant be out too late because most of the crew needs to be up at 4am. So drinking quickly seems to be of the essence. We have 3 jagerbombs each and 2 pitchers of beer before it is even 8pm. I take a nice walk down the beach as the sun sets and meet the rest of the crew in the back patio of the hotel for the acoustical magic of the crews own Jeff Morgan. We cap off the evening with 8 or so songs as several people on the balcony of the hotel compliment and place their requests. Jack and Coke ease us into the night as it is abruptly ended by the snapping of the E-string.

Saturday - The fishermen awoke, the weather channel was on, and the preparation for the battle at sea was on. Just like last year, I giggled and joked at the early morning antics of the crew as I wished them off and fell asunder... Only to awaken several hours later (1pm) to the weather channel and the call of the Breakfast Buffet at the All American Diner. The weather was rainy so the free golf game did not take place, and the rush to the beach was not necessary. Hunger was the first call. And eat we did - like kings. After the brunch buffet - it is onto the local pawn shop down the road for the famed E-string. We have secured the location of this needed item from the helpful staff of the diner. Exactly where they said it was, we walk in and immediately see guitars. Within minutes we have a full set of strings for $6 (no tax cuz they liked us I guess). Back to the hotel, in the swimsuit and into the ocean. There is light rain that comes and goes as there are many people on the beach and in the water. I cant remember the last time I swam in the ocean while the cool summer rain danced on the surface. I make many attempts over the next 2 hours to body surf. Either Im not wide enuff, not fat enuff, or just dont get it. But it was fun trying. Beach volleyball is underway as I am coming out of the water. I join a 2-man set w/Jesse/Josh/Mehlun from TN. We play for a couple of hours - and yes even in the rain. Again, I cant remember ever playing beach volleyball in the summer rain. And in the middle of the game, we even had to stop for a couple of minutes because it rained so hard. We laughed at each other - being out in the elements - so comfortable. A shower and naptime - before the fisherman got home. And the drinking began once again. Dinner, more drinking and across the street to the Karaoke bar. I got to sing 4 songs, break up a fight, and close the bar down. Back to hotel, a shower and a change of clothes, I take a stroll down the beach as the sun rises. One of the things I truly enjoy on my beach vacations. Its gonna be a nice day. Off to bed...

- Its fantastically beautiful outside. So beautiful that Eric leaves the room at 830 for the ocean. The rest of us get up about 10am and see that there is a whole different world out there. Beer drinking commences as we get ready for the beach. Kris secures the room until 5pm for only $10 more each. We head to the pool, worship the sun, with many beers in hand. The only reason we leave is because food is prolly a good idea as we pack up and head back home. Man, I love the beach.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Warm breezes, sun and sand...

Well needed getaway is planned - heading to PC Beach for the weekend. I hope i invited you already - if not - its official now. And if you know anyone else who wants to go - tell em to hit me up - we have a couplea spaces in my car - or they can caravan with us (approx 5 hrs). We will be leaving Friday about 6am. And I do plan to watch the sun come up on the beach one morning...

The Ramada Limited!
12907 W Front Beach Rd Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Wish I could make it back in time Sunday for tubing in Helen GA! $9 for all day!

Random links for the day:

Latin Night

Last night was great. Old school style! Savin money by parkin, talkin and drinkin in the car with Eric Rockett -one of my best friends (birthday was yesterday). In 2004, I took him bar hopping in the highlands and closed the night with him on stage surrounded by women at the Pink Pony. Classy! We kept it simple this year- it was "Latin Night" at Tongue n Groove. Nice ambience and music that makes you move. Surprise! I still know one of the bartenders that works there - Michael -cuz I used to work there - about 10 years ago when the club was new. I was a lowly sweeper - but $100 in cash a night was great! Especially since it kept me from going out to the clubs and spending money!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


LOVE is such a blessing, such a wonderful miracle of life.
Thank GOD for LOVE.
Wow. Love seems to get more powerful as you get older. Atleast it sure feels that way. Especially when you feel you are losing love.
And on another note - Storyhill is playing again tonight. If I had it to do all over again - I wouldve totally gone to that - instead of the beach this weekend. A new experience to enjoy - and even more so if Lisa and I went together. Lesson of the story - try working towards truly new experiences.