Friday, March 18, 2011

NEED A JOB? Or - where do we go from here

A friend of mine in the graphics field (same as me) recently got laid off from his job of 10 years. This was my email response back to him:

First off, I do think its a good idea to take some time, get some exercise and fresh air, and think hard about what you want to do next. However, do try and use the time wisely, because friends and family may watch you more closely and be more quick to judge you when you are not part of "the system". Its also a really good idea to try to do all the chores/menial tasks that you can to help around the house to help others that are still "doing the daily". It may also make them long for those days when you didnt have a job and were helping out so much.

Lots of people are using LinkedIN to find new jobs/opportunities. I think that is a great way to help put the word out on the street that you are looking for a new direction, and show your skillset. PLAXO is another (similar to LinkedIN)
I would also create a note on facebook and put all that info in it to - to help get the word out. I think reaching out to your friends first can really help "spread the net" for you to catch your next job.

Here is my online resume - makes it easy for me to update and keep track of.
Here is my Google Profile. Has a lot for others to see more about me.

Also - use this time to really dig deep in what you might be interested in for the next 10 years (in a job). Whether that is starting your own biz, doing some small jobs or - until you get a better grasp on what you want to do.

When I got laid off in June of last year - Joy and I really thought we were going to Costa Rica. And we started working towards that goal. Then my friend Kris Sheets said that he needed help at his company - but it doesnt pay well - $32K. I was burnt out on the graphics thing - and was curious about the technology - so I was working there after a 2 week hiatus. That company got bought by a bigger company and I have been at the new digs since late January (near IBM off Windy Hill). Lots of red tape, so change is slow here and frustrating, and right now Im daydreaming about doing something else, something more worthwhile - or more important. Keeps me going...