Thursday, February 17, 2011

clouds in my head...

Thoughts from 121910
What may not be explained or expressed as clearly or as importantly as it should be is that - how our behavior/decisions/thoughts is the root of the way we have chosen to live our lives, affects the decisions and choices that we are faced with -or have to make.
Maybe the struggle is that is harder to think good thoughts, to be good, to do the right thing -in everything that we do. And that it is easier to be bad.
What is strange to me is how we can trick ourselves into thinking/feeling that being bad - makes us feel good -or happy (the current popularity of reality shows that show humanity in a bad light, and make us feel better). The same can be said for our body, and how it seems to crave or want bad things (after we have had them). Like food that is bad for us (junk food, candy, sodas), alcohol or other drugs, cigarettes, etc?

-the things that we find funny (sarcasm?)
-problems with the paths we have taken, as a society: wiping our butts with trees(toilet paper), and flushing drinkable water down the commode with our excrement, while poorer countries need clean water desperately (we need to work towards sustainability)
-A big factor that can have an affect on us is our environment. Where we live, how rich/poor we percieve ourselves/others around us. And the company we keep, or are surrounded by.
-Writing or saying what I feel to be something important in a way (choosing the right words) that makes it really clear for others isnt easy.