Tuesday, November 26, 2013

more info on LiteCoin, NameCoin, PeerCoin

First of all, no matter what you read, I have not found a way to purchase any of these ALT Currencies directly with a credit card. At the bare minimum, you have to be verified, which means a high resolution passport or drivers license image, and some form of address verification. The whole process is quite frustrating and not easy to understand. All of the websites that Ive used so far do not provide a clear explanation of how to use their websites.

Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations (charts for many of the ALT currencies)

this looks like a chart showing countries that own bitcoin

'Litecoin Is Silver To Bitcoin's Gold' — Here's What That Actually Means

Ex-Googler Gives the World a Better Bitcoin

reddit litecoin

reddit namecoin

reddit ppcoin or peercoin

where to buy litecoins?

lots of things to look at here

New Finance Weekly: Litecoin & Bitcoin, Ripple Wallet, and Coinbase

5 Best Bitcoin & Litecoin Websites: to Buy, Trade, or Learn

Nationwide Comcast test/trial 300GB cap with additional charges.

So we got the letter in the mail at my house yesterday. Sure they say that they are testing it, but it does give an idea of what the future holds (pay per use). And with the way things are moving (into the cloud) - the more data that users puts into a cloud service, the more they may end up paying to back-up, sync and restore it.

The cap is more likely about them losing revenue from their cable T.V. service because people are cutting the cord and streaming video through the internet instead...

However, downloading video from Comcast over its new Xfinity On Demand service for the Xbox 360? Exempt.

Why Comcast really cares about data caps and tiered plans

Implications of Comcast’s 300GB monthly broadband cap

Monday, November 25, 2013

P2P currency exchanges / market

Ripple allows anyone to make currency trades directly without requiring brokers or centralized Forex markets. Any Ripple user — a professional currency trader, someone looking to diversify their currency holdings, or a traveler preparing for a vacation abroad — can submit a currency trade order to the Ripple network. The Ripple protocol automatically searches the network, finds the best available matching order, and completes the trade. No brokers or central exchanges are required. There are no broker fees or trade delays. Ripple allows real-time, direct, P2P currency exchanges on a global network.


$1000 daily limit, 2-3 business days interaction btwn ACH banks
Is there a snapswap/ripple mobile app?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Print catalogs still exist?

Is there a specific use to the printed catalog? I cant remember the last time I looked at a catalog, or seen someone else look at a catalog. Especially if its for a purpose.

Print, for most of what I see, is a waste of money for the companies that use it. Overall, the photography and location shoots are beautiful, but the message is a decade old or more. Get these clothes to look, feel, and be part of the cool clique. What I think they should do is - respect the current trends of the marketplace. Maybe promote the quality of their items; how the material is sustainable, or that they use organic dyes, or that some of their profit goes to some charity, etc. If not, why should consumers purchase their product over something that is half the cost?

They could take a cue from the mobile providers - and brag about additional services that users get for free for being a customer. Use of their wifi hotspots for free can be a nice perk for some.

Or why doesnt FOXHEAD.com offer discounts at ski/outdoor resorts, gear shops, etc? Loyalty should be of some value to both the customer and the brand right? Cross promotions with local bike shops, events, etc.

I think it would be better served as a digital album - where people could download and share photos. The digital version of the catalog is not easy to find, I didnt see a direct link in the catalog, and images in the catalog do not look like they can be shared to social sites, and is flash based (so no go on most tablets or mobile devices). http://www.foxhead.com/us/info/catalogs

Sharing the photos on Pinterest may tend to boost sales?
I didnt see a link for their pinterest page in the catalog, but here is the one I found: http://www.pinterest.com/foxheadinc/fox-eyewear/

How exactly do you wind up getting the catalog? Just make an online purchase, then unsubscribe to their email onslaught.

There were no CTAs in the catalog, and nothing really pushing the user to any of their online experiences. It looks like a typical - follow the industry push on what to do for you latest clothing line.

I only saw 1 social media link, and it was for FOXGIRLS on Instagram.
The main links that I saw were:

Fox Girls Presents | Forever We Roam | Holiday '13 Collection