Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Local GA Auto Auctions

Call auction before you go and get details like - How many cars are for sale that day?
Oakwood Auto Auction - 770-532-4624 - 4712 Flat Creek Road Oakwood GA 30566 - Thursday 6pm Public & Dealer Sale,+Oakwood,+GA+30566&f=d&hl=en
Ga. Carolina Auto Auction - 884 E Ridgeway Road, Commerce GA 30529 - Friday 6pm Dealer & Public Sale,+Commerce,+GA+(Atlanta+International+Dragway)&f=d&hl=en
Gwinnett Place Auto Auction - 770-623-0577 - 300 Buford Hwy. Sugar Hill GA 30518 - Last SAT each month 1pm Public & Dealer Sale
BISHOP BROTHERS AUTO AUCTION - 404-767-3652 - 2244 Metropolitan Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30315 - Thursday 7pm Public Sale
Auction Express - 770-887-5959 - 1171 Atlanta Hwy, Cumming, GA 30040 - TUES & SAT 7pm Public & Dealer Sale
Days Auto Auction Inc - 770-974-3838 - 3611 N. Cobb Pkwy, Acworth GA 30101 - Thursday 7pm Public & Dealer Sale
ATLANTA AUTO AUCTION - 4900 Buffington Road, Red Oak, GA 30272
GEORGIA DEALERS AUTO AUCTION - 7205 Campbellton Road, Atlanta, GA 30331


The technique is called MAC address cloning. To do this, you just issue a command to the Ethernet or WiFi card to change its MAC address (which is simply 48 bits stored inside the card's static memory). Not all Ethernet and WiFi cards support this feature (for example, the Apple Airport card does not. But, a non-Apple 802.11b PCI card with the open-source WiFi card driver available from SourceForge and the Terminal ifconfig command can be used to do this.).

On a WiFi network, to determine the MAC address you want to steal, you simply need to run a sniffer application (on the Mac, KisMac or iStumbler or MacStumbler; but more commonly on a Windows or Linux system, Kismet.) Use this to collect the MAC addresses of computers using the Network. Then just tell the wireless card driver to reset the MAC address of the card on the intruder computer to match the MAC address of a valid system that was observed. It takes less than a minute.

There are quite valid uses for MAC address cloning. For example, my Linksys router supports MAC address cloning, and I have used it to assign it the same MAC address as my primary Macintosh. This means my ISP and their relevant configuration do not notice if I switch between the Macintosh and the router connected to the broadband modem (this technique and the most useful with some cable ISPs that provision the modem with the authorized MAC address.)

By the way, WEP encryption is not necessarily a protection from this, though it will slow the intruder down. The same tools that monitor the MAC address, Kismet or KisMac, can be used to collect the encrypted traffic and crack the WEP keys after a certain amount of data has been collected and time. (The newer WPA encryption is not so easily cracked, but is not supported on all WiFi routers and cards. On the Mac you need Airport Extreme and OS X 10.3) Your best defense with WEP is to change the WEP key/passphrase frequently.

Here's a good O'Reilly article on the cracking process.
Dispelling the Myth of Wireless Security

On the MAC OS, in, notably the general purpose ipconfig utility (for example ipconfig set en1 DHCP will get you a new DHCP license if needed), but I recommend you check out Mac OS X Unwired, written by my friends Dori & Tom, for lots of good information on this subject.

Web Photo Albums

So I was looking for the best place to keep my photos. My criteria were:
-easy to upload
-direct link to photos
-folder for organization
-meta tags, search

I am happy with fotki. But here is the list with my notes: (google) - locked down? (public & private access) $30year (social networking) (monthly archive of photos?) (social networking) *** (merged with cnet websots) (sign up to download?) (social networking) - (social networking, locked down?) - $23year with no ads - flickr has only 3 folders without pay
can automatically recognize who is in a picture and tag it with their names,1282,69514,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
Online printing for snapshot photographers

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 API Reference
Web 2.0 File Repository for PHP

Microformats: Paving the Cowpaths
Hyper-Powerful and Inexpensive Solar by Pyron
cool organizational tool
Collaborative event calendar
nice photo blog sharing service
The Holy Bible
One Search. All jobs.>
Hot or Not + Google Maps
Non-profit Internet library
Amazon Mechanical Turk (Beta)
What if a computer program could ask a human being to perform a task and return the results? What if it could coordinate many human beings to perform a task?
Stream to any web connected device!
Worldwide database and mapping of 4,518,583 wireless networks
Local events search and community
Mobile phone as remote control?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Adware & Spyware REMOVAL

First identify the items in the control panel - add/remove programs. Try to remove. Then try going to the folder in the program files directory and renaming the files. Select START, then RUN and type in msconfig. Then goto the last tab which has the startup items and turn them off. Then reboot the machine and try to delete any remaining files.





Broadband Tuner 1.0

Lost album art problem with iTunes to iPod
Go into the prefs and choose the option not to show Album art then hit okay. go back in and re check the option and let it re-optimize the art for the iPod and they will show up again.

Applescripts for iTunes
iTunes Companion widget - searches for album cover art

Good Info
Cheap Product

*Before you wipe the HD with the original files:
-make sure that ALL the data you need is backed up and ACTUALLY works.
-test several applications, addressbook, bookmarks, etc

Mac How-To's A-Z
Panther Maintenance Tips
Tiger Info
Saft - THE Vital Extension for Your Safari
nice dashboard
Filegazer - enhance navigation & preview>/Face2.php?pag=17_
RIP DVDs on the MAC
How to create a vodcast
An iPod video file conversion application.
HOWTO Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software
MAC tool info

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Web Tech

General Info:

Create personal search engines using only the sources you trust.

The Quickest Way to Get Everyone on the Same Page

Hacking Firefox: Speed Up Your Browser!!!,1697,1854234,00.asp
Firefox extensions - Tweak Network Settings

to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces

a need for self-worth, validation, control, vanity, even immortality???

independent online web publishing

Create your own place online. Share photos. Create a blog. List your favorites, send a blast, and more

community services by, for and about people who are together in the same physical place

location-aware interaction, using the local network you are connected to as location reference

the same server based calendaring and e-mail of Microsoft's Exchange Server.
a mobile phone social networking application
Orb showed the crowd how his software would let them stream media from their desktop using any web-enabled device, without having to worry about the format or bit rate of their movies or music.

Rated Bookmarks: A social bookmarks manager. Using bookmarklets, you can add bookmarks to your list and categorize them.

Cheap Gas Near You!


Web-Based IM

All the various and emerging flavors of DSL

Internet TV
Non-Profit Tries To Simplify Internet TV
Internet TV on your MAC


HDTV over ADSL2+. Could this be the future of cable television?

Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs,2125,68501,00.html?tw=rss.TOP



VOIP - Start-Up Intros Software For Skype Calls Over Cell Phones

OUR ALL-IN-WONDER MEDIA HUB?,1848,68329,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
online mechanism for authenticating and managing real-world user-centric identities

ABC Bit Torrent (mainline w/nice GUI)s

Future and Emerging Technologies


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Punk not dead!

My buddy George Israel invited me out to a Japanese Heavy Metal band at the Earl. Great to hang with him and Shawn from the days of IBM. Good times had by all. The band rocked!

1st set of photos from the evening:

Hair styling by: Michael McReynolds(pictured above) & Caroline Dieter
Hair sponsored by:

Saturday, October 01, 2005

TOYOTA - Prius

Toyota Prius
2003 - 71k - $17k
2003 - 43k - $18k
2002 - 98k - $15k
2002 - 43k - $15k
2002 - 35k - $18k
2002 - 23k - $18k
2001 - 71k - $16k
2001 -135k- $10k

Honda Civic Hybrid
2004 - 19k - $22k
2004 - 33k - $21k
2003 - 28k - $20k
2003 - 40k - $17k
2003 - 50k - $16k
2003 - 57k - $20k
2003 - 65k - $17k
2003 - 75k - $15k

-No documentation on battery life estimate!
-The warranty on the main battery is 8years or 100k miles
-According to my dealership, it costs $6k to replace
-Factory warranty on the car is 8years or 100k miles

-What are the lemon laws in SC?
-Call to make sure that you get the $2k tax writeoff (that the dealer aint keepin it)
Tax deduction is for all models of Prius (all hybrids)

The 2004 was totally redesigned in response to consumer feedback and as a result of Toyota research.

2001 Toyota Prius - $10,995 - 1-888-827-1976 - David Moore - open from 9am-6pm〈=en&isp=y&start_year=1981&certified=&search_type=both&distance=300&make=TOYOTA&min_price=100&sponsorModel=&address=30047&advanced=&end_year=2006&max_price=18000&compare=181497819&compare=190650997&compare=181713486
-2 owner car, check engine light was on (dunno what that was), back bumper scratches

2003 Toyota Prius Sedan - $13,995 - 770-442-8777;dealer_id=55707139&car_year=2003&search_type=both&make=TOYOTA&distance=300&model=PRIUS&sponsorModel=&address=30047&certified=&advanced=&max_price=18000&bkms=1129338584935&min_price=100&end_year=2006&start_year=1981&isp=y 〈=en&cardist=20

Toyota Prius Battery Problems
I called Toyota. "Joel" informed me that if we did not charge the battery as per the owner's manual every two weeks as required by the manual and any problem developed, that would be deemed negligence on our part and the warranty would be voided. Frankly, I consider this to be fraud. We were never given a single item to read, there is nothing in the advertising and no salesman disclosed, etc., any information at all relating to the necessity to have the battery on the car charged for at least 1/2 hour every two weeks or the warranty would be voided.