Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AT&T cracking down on shadow iphone users

OK the options are as follows:

01- put your sim back in your old phone, call att & deny that you have an iphone, and have them not change your plan. Put the sim card back in the iphone after the phonecall. Rinse and repeat. And hope they give up before you do.

02- call att and tell them you never purchased an iphone with them - and you do not authorize them changing your plan.

03- Get out of your contract and go with somebody other than ATT and keep your iphone:
tmobile phone plans 

04- change the IMEI of the phone so that ATT cannot tell it is an iphone (may cost upto $50)

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I tried to use my sim with a Medianet plan on an iphone too and I faced the same problem of not being able to
connect to the internet. I did some research and realised that the phone was missing AT&T’s data settings. Hence I went here and installed the proper settings. Although tethering did not work on my phone (probably because I was on iPhone 3.1), the data connection went active.

FYI - Boost Mobile's phones and network are iDEN, not GSM. The iPhone is a GSM phone.
Even the iPhone GOPHONE is unable to access the web.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

$15mo T-Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Text + iPhone FTW

Goodbye AT&T, welcome back T-Mobile! So I was paying around $50 monthly to ATT for 450 minutes. I recently heard about a tmobile pay-per-use txt only plan for $15 a month - no contract. Costs $10 for activation - and I got $3.25 credit on the account. If I want to make a phonecall with this account - its .10 cents a minute. I dont plan on paying for calls via my tmobile sim. I do plan on using texting for most of my interactions. If I want to make a phonecall, I can do that via wifi. And I am within wifi range for most of the day (home/work). I am using gizmo+google voice, icall, and vonage - to make free phonecalls - as best I can - via my jailbroken/unlocked 3G iphone. My reasoning is that me and my friends are doing more and more texting.
>> T-Mobile Prepaid Plans $50 Unlimited Talk/Text or $15 Unlimited Text Started May 16

Aretta Communications VOIP

Thus begins my new opportunity with Aretta Communications. Im hoping to learn something new, and help streamline their workflow and overall make things better for their customers. Much thanks to my buddy Kris Sheets (Director of Operations and also AAUG) who told me of the opportunity and got me in the door.
Aretta (simply stated) does VOIP. The service is priced, not per extension(or per seat)—as is typical in the hosted VoIP business—but by the maximum number of simultaneous calls the account is provisioned for (i.e., the number of lines). See our rates/pricing hereAretta Facebook page.