Monday, March 21, 2011

KILL the Commercial. Embrace embedded Advertising.

Im actually surprised that there are still so many commercials intertwined with tv programming. I wouldve thought that they would taken a cue from the internet, and that the advertising and sponsors are positioned on the edges of the content (around the for the most part). Some blogs are taking it a step further in incorporating the product/service into the article - which may be the best place for it.
I think that advertisers need to work towards incorporating their products/services deeper into the actual program. It could show the value of their product/service in relation to the content being presented. It could also educate the consumer ways to use the product.
Im currently watching an episode of Man VS Wild, and I can totally see the opportunity for various sponsors: he often uses a knife, rope, backpack, clothing (shoes, outfit), fire starter. But I can envision a quick shot of him saying a couple of things while he is: putting on his NORTHFACE shirt/pants, backpack, REI socks, NIKE boots, getting on a plane to the country on DELTA AIRLINES, BP fuel truck in background, eating some CLIF BARS, getting a shot/physical/blood pressure measurement with KAISER PERMANENTE logo in the background, putting on OAKLEY shades, taken to the location via a new JEEP, closeup of MICHELIN tires, as he gets out and begins his adventure.
What advertisers need to understand is, that people do not like commercials for the most part, whether its on TV or Radio, or in the videos that we watch on YOUTUBE