Monday, April 16, 2007

Soon - FREE Google 411 for cellphones

Hot Google info from my buddy Michael. “Google Voice Local Search” is essentially a completely free 411 service - although the program is still in an experimental stage. This is gonna help those peeps without GPS NAVs in their cars. All you need is a cellphone to help you find the location of the business you are trying to find. Tellme Launches Free 411 Business Search Service too.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

IPTV... on the up and up

General questions:
-Is anyone pushing HD content via internet (at an acceptable quality/cost)?
-What are the costs and limitation of the various providers (equipment costs/service cost)?
-How portable and/or shareable is the product?
-Tivo, bookmarking capability? Searchable content?
-What are the Media/Channel packages?

Why Is Most Broadband Content Still Encoded At 300Kbps or below? -032707
End to End Encoding, Delivery and Set Top Box - no PC required IPTV - 700Kbps NTSC(640x480) -
The $7 TV Network: Neokast brings multicasting to the masses. -031507
And dont forget the guys that did SKYPE, are now doing this:
torrent site tv aggregator
Microsoft IPTV