Tuesday, December 31, 2013

security, privacy and more

If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear. I used to think the same thing. However, it is not explained away so easily... You have no idea if you have something to fear or not, because you do not know what the government does with the data it collects. And how exactly it can use it against you - or to threaten you. And, if they can get this data - so can hackers. So why not try to protect/encrypt what you can? 

Im not asking you to act or be paranoid, but to try to be more knowledgeable about the subject.

Privacy Is Not Secrecy; Debunking The 'If You've Got Nothing To Hide...' Argument
>> 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06

Google is able to provide free services such as google voice, gmail, google docs - by having access to your data, and using it. Microsoft, Yahoo, and others probably do as well. Would you pay for these services - if they were not looked at by corporations?

Do you want to see some of the basic data you are currently sharing?

>> Orweb for Android
>> Snowbunny for iOS
>> browzar for Windows
Start using the https extension when you visit any website. Whether you are using your desktop or mobile device. Even if you dont install the extension, you can add it to the URL you are visiting manually.

Block Ads, Scripts, and Popups with AdBlock Plus (Firefox/Chrome extension).

>> More browser extensions that can protect you
>> More advanced info
>> More browser security information

If you have the option of 2 step verification, you should implement it. Google, facebook, microsoft, and others are using it - and you should too. There is also multi-factor verification, but few are using it at this time.

Use this for web searches: https://duckduckgo.com

>> Article: Free texting app has military-grade encryption, messages self-destruct
>> MyWICKR app for android / iphone
encrypted sms
encrypted chat


encrypted mobile calls

>> Article: The dangers of public wifi

>> Cloudfogger - Free File Encryption for Dropbox and the Cloud

- Don’t use pop or telnet
- If you can : Use a VPN connection
- Always activate your personal firewall

This is from a videogame, but it may give a glimpse into the future:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

more info on LiteCoin, NameCoin, PeerCoin

First of all, no matter what you read, I have not found a way to purchase any of these ALT Currencies directly with a credit card. At the bare minimum, you have to be verified, which means a high resolution passport or drivers license image, and some form of address verification. The whole process is quite frustrating and not easy to understand. All of the websites that Ive used so far do not provide a clear explanation of how to use their websites.

Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations (charts for many of the ALT currencies)

this looks like a chart showing countries that own bitcoin

'Litecoin Is Silver To Bitcoin's Gold' — Here's What That Actually Means

Ex-Googler Gives the World a Better Bitcoin

reddit litecoin

reddit namecoin

reddit ppcoin or peercoin

where to buy litecoins?

lots of things to look at here

New Finance Weekly: Litecoin & Bitcoin, Ripple Wallet, and Coinbase

5 Best Bitcoin & Litecoin Websites: to Buy, Trade, or Learn

Nationwide Comcast test/trial 300GB cap with additional charges.

So we got the letter in the mail at my house yesterday. Sure they say that they are testing it, but it does give an idea of what the future holds (pay per use). And with the way things are moving (into the cloud) - the more data that users puts into a cloud service, the more they may end up paying to back-up, sync and restore it.

The cap is more likely about them losing revenue from their cable T.V. service because people are cutting the cord and streaming video through the internet instead...

However, downloading video from Comcast over its new Xfinity On Demand service for the Xbox 360? Exempt.

Why Comcast really cares about data caps and tiered plans

Implications of Comcast’s 300GB monthly broadband cap

Monday, November 25, 2013

P2P currency exchanges / market

Ripple allows anyone to make currency trades directly without requiring brokers or centralized Forex markets. Any Ripple user — a professional currency trader, someone looking to diversify their currency holdings, or a traveler preparing for a vacation abroad — can submit a currency trade order to the Ripple network. The Ripple protocol automatically searches the network, finds the best available matching order, and completes the trade. No brokers or central exchanges are required. There are no broker fees or trade delays. Ripple allows real-time, direct, P2P currency exchanges on a global network.


$1000 daily limit, 2-3 business days interaction btwn ACH banks
Is there a snapswap/ripple mobile app?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Print catalogs still exist?

Is there a specific use to the printed catalog? I cant remember the last time I looked at a catalog, or seen someone else look at a catalog. Especially if its for a purpose.

Print, for most of what I see, is a waste of money for the companies that use it. Overall, the photography and location shoots are beautiful, but the message is a decade old or more. Get these clothes to look, feel, and be part of the cool clique. What I think they should do is - respect the current trends of the marketplace. Maybe promote the quality of their items; how the material is sustainable, or that they use organic dyes, or that some of their profit goes to some charity, etc. If not, why should consumers purchase their product over something that is half the cost?

They could take a cue from the mobile providers - and brag about additional services that users get for free for being a customer. Use of their wifi hotspots for free can be a nice perk for some.

Or why doesnt FOXHEAD.com offer discounts at ski/outdoor resorts, gear shops, etc? Loyalty should be of some value to both the customer and the brand right? Cross promotions with local bike shops, events, etc.

I think it would be better served as a digital album - where people could download and share photos. The digital version of the catalog is not easy to find, I didnt see a direct link in the catalog, and images in the catalog do not look like they can be shared to social sites, and is flash based (so no go on most tablets or mobile devices). http://www.foxhead.com/us/info/catalogs

Sharing the photos on Pinterest may tend to boost sales?
I didnt see a link for their pinterest page in the catalog, but here is the one I found: http://www.pinterest.com/foxheadinc/fox-eyewear/

How exactly do you wind up getting the catalog? Just make an online purchase, then unsubscribe to their email onslaught.

There were no CTAs in the catalog, and nothing really pushing the user to any of their online experiences. It looks like a typical - follow the industry push on what to do for you latest clothing line.

I only saw 1 social media link, and it was for FOXGIRLS on Instagram.
The main links that I saw were:

Fox Girls Presents | Forever We Roam | Holiday '13 Collection

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AXURE - $589 (Mac/Win)

Axure RP, business drawing software for creating mockups and wireframes of application user interfaces. Generate an interactive HTML website wireframe or UI mockup without coding. Then, send a link to clients or users to review. Or design an Android or iPhone app interface and view it right on your mobile device.

Is anyone out there using this yet for their business? And if so, what is your experience so far (pros/cons)?
Comments/Feedback that I have gotten so far:
Its easy to use and the prototyping is particularly useful.
The code it outputs being useless and the pricing being high.
I did a small project with Axure, and wasn't quite pleased with it. Some great things about it, as it is fast to put together generic wireframes. But for complex interactions, I found it tedious with the haven't to hide show all its states. You basically fake interactions.
I lean more towards OmniGraffle and Fireworks.
Not a fan of axure. I prefer "just in mind".
Other options include Balsamiq, Tumult Hype HTML5 (Mac only)

>> http://www.axure.com/
10 commandments of efficient design in axure
>> http://uxdesign.smashingmagazine.com/2013/10/04/ten-commandments-of-efficient-design-in-axure/
5 mistakes made using axure
>> http://www.webcredible.co.uk/blog/5-mistakes-made-using-axure
Axure Pro tips
>> http://axureprotips.tumblr.com/
Axure training
>> http://www.pinterest.com/huangv/axure-training/
Axure on youtube
>> http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=axure
Axure Chrome browser extension
>> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/axure-rp-extension-for-ch/dogkpdfcklifaemcdfbildhcofnopogp?hl=en-US
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axure_RP

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Apple iOS7, how to extend the battery and more

Here are some things to help you get to know the new iOS7
>> http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/18/a-few-tricks-all-the-new-ios-7-users-should-know/

Ive heard several things about how iOS7 tends to drain the battery faster than you expect. However, I used the settings below and the battery lasts longer than the previous OS - in the same iphone 4.

>> http://eldartech.com/news/ios-7-battery-life-saving-tips
>> http://itechnow.com/your-device-is-slower-with-ios-7-here-is-how-to-speed-it-up/
>> http://www.tuaw.com/2013/09/18/how-to-stop-ios-7-from-destroying-your-iphones-battery-life/

My questions are:
How to respring in iOS7? How to display available memory?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

H2O Wireless on an iPhone 4 running iOS7

I was using Tmobile unlimited text only plan for $15mo. Sure I could make calls for $.10min. Then I discovered there are a lot more MVNO options out there. So I decided to test out H2Owireless (an AT&T reseller).

I turned off iMessage. It didnt seem to send any messages for me without a data plan. Then I found the MMS fix (see below), and it resolved the issue. However, H2O charges more for MMS ($.10), and a text message is $.05.

H2Owireless MMS fix for iOS7
iPhone 4S H2O Wireless MMS Setting with no Jailbreak necessary
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbLIbokmIu0#t=215

100% Working MMS on H2O Wireless - iPhone 4S - No Jailbreak Necessary!
>> http://modmyi.com/forums/other-carriers-not-att-t-mobile/793863-100-working-mms-h2o-wireless-iphone-4s-no-jailbreak-necessary.html

Did the iOS7 Update Break Your AT&T MVNO iPhone's Data and MMS? Here's How to Fix it
>> http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2013/09/did-ios7-update-break-your-at-mvno.html

How to Manually Configure Your Phone (this did not work for me)
>> https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/pageControl.php?page=dataManualConfig

I also ordered a $99 refurb HTC from FreedomPop - and will post info when I get it.

I use Talkatone with my Google Voice to make and receive calls/txts.
Groove IP vs. Talkatone
>> https://help.ting.com/entries/23865208-Groove-IP-vs-Talkatone

Maximize the Value of Google Voice with Talkatone
>> http://www.techlifestyle.org/2013/02/maximize-value-of-google-voice-with.html

about talkatone
>> http://www.talkatone.com/faq.html

Vonage Mobile® App Vs. The Talkatone App
>> http://blog.vonage.com/mobile-app/vonage-mobile-app-vs-the-talkatone-app/

More information to come...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

waiting for 3D printing...

3D printing is currently being overhyped in the media - towards us consumers. Sure its revolutionary, and may radically change our lives, but there is nothing that us consumers can do with the consumer 3D printers that will change much in our lives - except make our wallets/bank accounts lighter.
That being said, technology (in general) is changing more and more rapidly. And possibly in the next year and a half, it may be more justifiable as a purchase for the common household.

Here are several 3D printers you can purchase now, and more are being release daily. So do look around before making your purchase: http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/29/3d-printer-guide/

Before you make your purchase, and to help you decide, please visit your local hackerspace or makerspace. The people there may be able to answer your questions, and you may get first hand experience on a couple different models.

What you need to know about buying a 3D printer


How to Get Started with 3D Printing (Without Spending a Fortune)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the smart money is on MVNO

It may actually be worth it to break your contract to get started on saving money on cellular/wireless service via an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator - also know as a reseller). Not all MVNO's are alike. MVNO's differ by parent company (ATT vs Verizon vs T-Mobile vs Sprint). They may even differ by how data is routed (higher latencies) and priority during peak hours. In general, Gophone and possibly Aio (a subsidiary of ATT) may be the prepaid choices that are directly below ATT postpaid customers. Dumping AT&T for an MVNO keeps you on the same towers for a lot less -- and no fees, taxes or activation charges.

Some examples are:
http://www.ptel.com/plans - T-Mobile
Rates: Talk 5c Text 2c Data is 10c MB
http://www.lycamobile.us/en/national-plans - use T-Mobile towers
$16/mo plan.  It states "recharge and pay only 2c/minute, 4c/text and 6c/MB with Pay As You Go.
http://goredpocket.com/ - ATT
http://www.puretalkusa.com/mobile-flex-plan.php - ATT
Customers can choose their level of data (or choose none), and will be able to keep any data that they don't use month to month. They now offer rollover data with our plans (a first among MVNOs).
https://www.h2owirelessnow.com - ATT
year plan is 2000 minutes for $100
One warning about H20 is their monthly plan comes with some data. For example, the $30/mo plan is unlimited voice & text and comes with 50MB of data. I rarely use data but the balance says 0 so I called cust serv. Was told I've used up all my data for the month. I checked my phone log and it shows I used less than 10MB so far. WTF. They also said they cannot supply a log of my data usage. In other words, they can say whatever they want regarding my data balance and I have to like it.
$10 plan (4c min/2c text) and I add $10 about every 25 days.
Net10 (the AT&T card version - avoid the T-Mobile version).  All these services work off AT&T towers and include roaming in HI, AK, VI, and PR.
Voyager mobile, Knoxville, Tenn is $17.00 unlimited talk and $ 19.00 unlimited talk&text

>> FreedomPop Takes Aim At Carriers With Its New, Free Phone Plan

How to Get Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data on an iPhone for $30 a Month

Wikipedia link for all of the US MVNO - It also shows which towers/carriers they use

>> http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1299318/
Picking Your Wireless Carrier part 02: AT&T MVNOs
>> http://pika2000.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/picking-your-wireless-carrier-part-02-att-mvnos/
Picking Your Wireless Carrier part 03: T-Mobile MVNOs
>> http://pika2000.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/picking-your-wireless-carrier-part-03-t-mobile-mvnos/
Picking Your Wireless Carrier part 04: CDMA MVNOs
>> http://pika2000.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/picking-your-wireless-carrier-part-04-cdma-mvnos/
>> http://www.clarkhoward.com/topics/cheap_cell_plans/
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EztZl5GznAg

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

View movies / live sports online

Yes, these websites even work on tablets and cellphones. Just make sure you are using wifi - and not running up the bill on your data plan.

Watch any sporting event (PPV, Live, doesn't matter) free. Just make sure you have an adblocker of some sort installed.
>> http://www.vipboxonline.eu
>> https://adblockplus.org

Better for sports. Less popups and advertising...
>> http://www.usagoals.me
>> http://mkvxstream.blogspot.com/2013/06/front-row-sports-live-stream-for-cable.html

>> http://glowgaze.com
>> http://www.stream2watch.me

>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahuQHAVgND0
>> http://xbmc.org/

>> http://www.myp2pguide.com/

>> http://www.wiziwig.tv/index.php?part=sports

>> http://www.time4tv.com/

Get NFL Gameday Pass for Free
>> http://www.reddit.com/r/cordcutters/comments/1k8tck/get_nfl_gameday_pass_for_free/

>> http://www.firstrowsports.eu

NCAA Mobile Streaming Links

Watch the Simpsons Online
>> http://wtso.tv/

Now the question is, why is anyone paying for cable TV?

Monday, July 29, 2013

how to watch walking dead on roku 3

Your best bet is to download torrent files of the show:
>> http://kickass.to/usearch/walking%20dead%20s03/

Combine the Roku with Plex, and the Unsupported AppStore (UAS bundle) will give you tons more options:
>> Guide: Plex - Installing unsupported plugins
If you are using Windows, to install the bundle, right click on the Plex icon in the media tray, you can select the plugin directory. After pasting it into that folder, restart the media server.
>> How to install LetMeWatchThis plugin on a Windows Plex Server

Private channels may be an option:
>> http://streamfree.tv/apps/
>> http://streamfree.tv/roku/top-roku-private-channels/
>> http://streamfree.tv/roku/private-channels/
>> http://www.roku-channels.com/
>> http://www.rokuguide.com/private-channels
Roku Private Channels List

>> FX Network and more via Amazon Prime/iTunes
>> 103012 - How To Get YouTube And Free Hulu On Your Roku Device
>> March2013 - Top 5 private channel list options

$25yr or $40 lifetime for Playon - is mostly SD (low quality) video
>> http://www.playon.tv/supported-devices
>> $40 Playon lifetime for Roku

VUDU for roku
>> http://www.vudu.com/movies/#search/walking%20dead

You can watch them from your computer via web browser:
>> http://www.sidereel.com/The_Walking_Dead
>> http://www.watchyourseries.com//?s=walking+dead
>> http://veothewalkingdead.com/en/the-walking-dead-online-season-3.html
>> http://www.tvmuse.eu/_search/?s=the+walking+dead+season+3

>> http://www.flingo.tv/
>> channel list
>> Private channel list PDF from JULY 2013
>> Time Warner ipad hack
>> Overall ideas 01, 02
>> Playon Channel Store
>> 3rd party Playon Plugins
>> http://www.flashrouters.com/blog/2013/03/07/best-roku-channels-for-tv-besides-netflix-hulu/
>> http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/tips-and-tricks-for-optimizing-your-roku/

Bravo Channel on Roku?
>> Roku content search
>> TWC channel only for TWC paid subscribers?
>> TWC channel for Roku
>> Playon used to have BRAVO, currently does not

Navi-X plugin for PLEX

>> XBMC plugin for PLEX

Unsupported Appstore plugin for PLEX

>> PLEX plugin bundles

>> WTV File Support

HULU free on PLEX

This workaround only seems to work because I logged into Netflix on the box before I linked the box with my Roku account. Clicking on a Hulu link wouldn't launch the Hulu app and let me login. So I unlinked the Roku 3 from my Roku account, restarted the box and logged into Netflix and Hulu. Then I relinked the box with my Roku account to regain access to the channel store. As expected Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video disappeared from my home page, but now I could launch both Hulu and Netflix from search results. If you want to tap into other US-only services like Vudu you're out of luck, because the only way you'll launch them is by accessing the US channel store. Lots of people manage to do it, but luck was not on my side.

go to IFTTT.com and search the workflows for Roku and Netflix... then you can be sent emails on new channels and Netflix releases anywhere in the world as they are released... meaning your Roku3 can be up to date with new content


- Keywords to search for: Unsupported AppStore (UAS bundle), adding repos to roku, xbmc plugin for roku, xbmc channel for roku 3, icefilms, 1channel, let me watch this, mash2k3, 5 start flicks, m2k plain script

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

*Free Streaming TV, Movies and more.

When I use the word free, it assumes that you have a device that will run the free software, and an fairly quick internet connection.

You do not have to purchase anything. You can download and run the XBMC (X Box Media Center) software on almost any computer - or your phone/tablet (*may need to be jailbroken (see below)). You do not have to own an XBOX.

XBMC with Navi-X has loads of content, but it can take a while to find out what you are looking for. Its like walking into a new hotel room and trying to understand what is available on the tv. The available content is from all over the planet, and all the content is free (live tv, current movies, sports, Pay Per View Events and more).

Is it legal? Clearly a lot of online content is probably posted without proper permission. What you watch is up to you. I have not heard of anyone that has been arrested for watching streaming content that they did not pay for.

>> Install a web interface for even more detailed interaction

Here are the top 5 video addons:
videobull, simplymovies, iwatchonline, los movies, z movies
You can add netflix and hulu via the bluecop repo.

Remote control app for android
- or just look for xbmcRemote for iphone
and yes, it will do PVR (recording of shows like TIVO)
If you are installing OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi, their forums are here.

>> $4 Navi-X on Android/Google play

>> XBMC on jailbroken iOS

>> More how-to videos

>> Top 5 XBMC addons on Quora

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Technically illegal?

Some collected posts found on internet, in relation to the current state of online media:
Clearly a lot of online content is probably posted without proper permission.
I believe they (the ISPs) are cracking down on the suppliers not the users of the digital content. Downloading or viewing content that you do not legally own or rent from the copyright holder is illegal and will result in you being prosecuted?
"Not" illegal to watch... yet, but they are working on it CISPA etc. Technically, copyright only applies if works are being sold?
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_infringement
4. "Pirated content" add-ons, websites, and services typically do not include the following (to be determined on a case-by-case basis if necessary): ...
B. The add-on has the potential to access pirated content, but is potentially useful for downloading legal content as well. [For example, an add-on that downloads torrent files is not, itself, a problem, since a torrent can cover a wide variety content, including legally distributed videos.]
In the same way that a torrent can link to both pirated content and legal stuff, the user-submitted and maintained playlists (which Navi-X simply plays on XBMC) can link to both. So it falls exactly under point 4B: Not designed for piracy but potentially able to serve it along with legal content.
XBMC stance: Our goal is to limit the connection between XBMC and the acquisition of content that a person has not acquired the copyright license to personally use via the development of software, while at the same time doing as little as humanly possible to stifle creativity surrounding XBMC.
YouTube, Vimeo, etc, give access to copyrighted(pirated) content along with the legally uploaded. LOTS AND LOTS of it.
The content providers (RIAA/MPAA/ETC) need to make a real effort to try to understand supply and demand better (in relation to digital media and rapidly changing technologies). If Napster had never existed, I don't believe the music industry would have played ball with Apple on iTunes. Eventually the movie industry will wake up and smell the digital age.
As long as you are not uploading, you are not doing anything illegal. - unknown ISP

>> 080613 - Administration Seeks To Make Unauthorized Streaming A Felony

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

SCAM shopping sites or - Super deal?

The son of a friend of mine is looking to buy something off of a questionable website. He asked me what I thought of the site. The first thing I did was to lookup who owns the site:

   Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
   Domain Name: JACKETSSALE2013.COM
      Created on: 06-Mar-13
      Expires on: 06-Mar-14
      Last Updated on: 06-Mar-13

   tian xiawei
   chenli haishi
   Texas, TX 52896
   United States

   Administrative Contact:
      xiawei, tian  zunjindyhu@gmail.com
      chenli haishi
      Texas, TX 52896
      United States
Then I did several searches on Google.com to see what I could find (jacketssale2013.com scam, reviews, etc).

There was not a lot of info, which means, I would not trust the site. But it could just mean that since they are so new (as you can see from the info above), there is not much info on google... yet. I did find this:

And seeing this site makes it sound like they want to be associated with this site (confuse people):

Examples of similar scam sites:

I sent them an email from the contact form on their website, and hope that I get a response: Curious to know if this is a scam website. There are no customer reviews/forum. I dont have a problem with purchasing 'knockoffs', I just want to be informed whether or not what I may purchase on your site is really made by the specified manufacturer, or if its a replica. Thanks

I will report back if I get an email from them, or any other details.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the slow collapse of BIG MEDIA

They are supposed to start rolling out the 6 strikes anti-piracy plan this month?

What they are probably trying to do is discourage/scare people that are DLing(downloading) stuff. Many people gave up when they started blocking thepiratebay.se

But most of us know how to get around their ways of tracking user traffic.
Just download from the magnet links and go into your preferences and set force encryption to true. It might make your download slower sometimes but for your privacy/protection, it's worth it.

However, I have several friends that have stopped DLing - they are just watching streaming movies/tv shows now via various websites - and swear by it.
> http://www.1channel.ch
> http://www.viewmix.tv

The torrent sites I use are currently:
>> http://www.torrenthound.com/
>> http://kat.ph/
>> http://fenopy.se/

What the media companies dont understand - or dont want to offer is a general pay per view system, much like iTunes or Amazon Prime. Sure, there is room for NETFLIX, HULU, REDBOX - for now. But again, in the long run, I dont think that customers dont want a limited bundled package. They want the option of watching what they want, when they want it. And maybe thats why torrent files are the go to option?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comcast Cable Box Fees

Xfinity X1 DVR Review
If you want to avoid the monthly set top box rental fees with Comcast, there are a few options: purchase your own off ebay/craigslist/etc, luckily find a cheap one from a local thrift store, or create one via a PC.

>> Comcast Atlanta Channel lineup
>> Comcast officially launches next-gen X1 DVR platform and iPhone remote app
>> Comcast X1 deployed in Atlanta in August 2012
>> XFINITY® TV Application Eligible Set Top Boxes
>> General info about Comcast Xfinity HD DVR Service
>> Humax's take on an IP-connected TV box for Comcast passes thru FCC, NOV 2012

- Most DVRs WILL NOT tell you that recording a show will stop another.
- Searching for a movie primarily points you towards paid movies and not what's available free.
- The ROKU does not work with Comcast yet (HBO, etc)?
- Don't pay "HD Technology Fee" to Comcast if use your own HD DVR