Thursday, May 15, 2008

push back on the waste?

Why are'nt corporations held responsible for their product being in a landfill? They produced the product. They should be responsible for the full life cycle. If they work towards a recycling program of their products, they wouldnt be in the landfill. Each product should come with recycling instructions or web address (with info on that page). Is there someplace that we (as consumers) can find info on how to recycle or return the products/materials that we have, back to nature? Sure abstinence is an option, but it doesnt work for all. What we need is one location to describe the various options for: paper, phonebooks, various plastics, glass, metals, electronics, fabrics, etc.
Here's the situation. So every Thursday night, someone drives around the neighborhoods near my house -throwing out free sample newpapers. Did I ask for this? To me, this is someone littering in my driveway. Just a thought.

Starry Night (dream)

An interesting part of my dream last night was that my friend Alberto and I were working on paintings in the dream. And what it seemed to me is that many of us work on a painting every day. Sure we may be passionate about the painting -and want to complete it every day, but at the end of the day -its just a painting. How much does a painting help humanity? I truly believe we are here to help each other, but we spend so many hours at a job that is mostly meaningless (it just pays the bills). And your job is part of this worthless society system that is at all new low. What have we become? (...or maybe we were trying to paint our fantasy. Whats your take?)

Friday, May 02, 2008

ADOBE on the rise?

I really think that Adobe has something powerful with Flex/AIR. And with them moving into the mobile (cellphone) arena, that only makes them even more attractive. I read Cringleys article about the potential for APPLE purchasing ADOBE. From the article "So why, then, was Apple quietly shopping around its entire professional application business to prospective buyers at the recently completed National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas? These include Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Logic, and Shake -- applications that are hardly also-rans in their segments and none of which are antiquated in the least. Final Cut, of course, absolutely dominates the video editing business. Why would Apple want to give that up?"
Even if APPLE never intends to buy ADOBE (which is hard to swallow), this may hint at the underlying value of ADOBE in the marketplace. But, could the opening up of Flex & SWFs mean that it is giving up control for product dominance? FYI - ADBE stock at $40 (as of Friday May 2nd) and AAPL stock at $181 (as of Friday May 2nd)