Thursday, August 28, 2008

using Google SITES for your next website

We are officially using Google sites for some simple client sites. It allows the wiki access, super easy to setup, you can use Google Forms 01 | 02, use Google Moderator to Crowdsource Group Questions.
The next question is, how to implement ecommerce (adding an ecom componenent - like a module for adding a cart/checkout/etc.).
Most carts are really lacking. This is whats hot now: Magento - an open source cart, php5, object oriented, skins, etc. For custom apps, we're using zend framework and symfony framework.
Here are some easy examples: SummitChase, AlcovySurveying.
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Saturday, August 09, 2008

thinking about the purchase

One solution could be to take containers back to the grocerystore (or place where you purchase goods), and have them refilled, like: cereal, shampoo, beverages, petfood, etc. But this would have to entail producers of these products to develop a system like this, adopted by the public, and more...
Also - we need to stop purchasing paper towels and napkins. A hand towel, or handkercheif that you can wash - could be a much more sustainable solution to the problem of messes.
Corporations & large companies should have a cleaning staff that sorts recyclables/garbage. And why should there be a garbage can at every employees desk? Doesnt that seem wasteful?
and a slideshow about plastic bags stats/info... and other handy links:
recycle or donate shoes

universal content server?

Why are we duplicating content? Over, and over and over? Why cant we simply share content - in one location? Or at the very least - torrent it? An example is: my mom sending me a funny video - attached to an email. Why didnt she just send me the URL? It may be, that it all comes down to - ease of use. My mom has no clue what a torrent is. And why would she? Could this be implemented into our email client/web browser somehow? Or could just a link to a specific piece of content work? That way, you can see/listen/view/edit it at any time? Anyone on this?
FYI - a reliable way to make new things: work on overlooked problems

Friday, August 08, 2008


Heard of Google Answers? Sure, its not around anymore, but it was a good concept. I recently came across another, similar service - that will try and answer your questions - for a price. And yes, there are others that do this as well - like Amazons Askville. But even if you dont need to pay for an answer, to a question you may have - its still interesting to browse some of the questions/answers. Some with conclusions you can already determine yourself:
biofuels are not causing an increase in greenhouse gases
Biofuels increase greenhouse gases
Why do none of the big UK energy companies offer 'energy services'?
Hydrino / Hydrino Theory / Shrunken Hydrogen

Monday, August 04, 2008

High School Harvests 280,000 Gallons of Rainwater Each Year

This is cool news on the eco-front, but there is something missing behind all this hype... Answers (the real details). What other schools/people want to know: how much did the system cost, what is the return, and how long would it pay for itself?
I wish when articles like this are written, that more detailed information was either provided, or linked to - to make it easier for others to determine whether this is feasible for them - and to forward the technology. The TreeHugger article is here.

Living in a World Without Waste?

People have to take full responsibility for everything they throw away.

What a concept. And what a big word that is for our society today... Responsibility. As we are becoming more eco-friendly, we are starting to think in detail - about the impact - of the little things we do. And the change - isnt really all that hard. What Ive realized is, to take a step back, and look at the things I am doing, and try to be more efficient in everything, and less wasteful. The simple act of preparing a meal, to flushing a toilet - all can be re-thought - to work better - and hopefully be more sustainable to the planet. The Digg link to the BBC article is here.