Friday, December 30, 2005

GPX2 or GP2X

Have you seen this LINUX machine?!?

$180 (SD card not included)
USB 2.0
2 AA batteries needed
3.5" TFT LCD - 320x240
Plays 720x480 movies without any re-encoding as the GP2X scaling chip will resize automatically to fit the screen

Here are the specs:

$160 for a 2GB SD card

More info:

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

MAC OSX Tiger 10.4.3

I have been away from the MACOS approx 6 years now. And here it is, my first day with the Apple Tiger OS and it is beautiful. However, below is a list of probs I have so far. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
-cannot toggle to a docked finder window, you HAVE to click on it to open
-cannot rename files/folders within dialog window of an application
-i drag and drop a file 2 folders in from that directory (in column view), and the last two columns go blank! why?
-problem with burning a DVD with Apple OSX - doesnt tell you how much over you are on the DVD
-why do you have to hit apple+delete to delete a file? why not just 1 button delete key?
-No cut and paste option for files (takes longer to move files).
-Browsing for files from Safari to upload to a website is not intuitive. The folder structure is weird.
-Apple+tab to change between apps only switches to that app - not directly to the doc that is open with that app (text edit, safari and prolly more).
-Applications stay open even after you close the main window - Safari for example. The app is still hogging ram. Why?
-Cannot toggle between windows by Apple+tab. Example: 2 word docs open.
-There is no refresh option for Finder windows.
-Finder windows do not have a memory of overall size or column sizes?
-Do we have to type a password to install any application? Really great if it was an option and not a have to.
-The 2 delete keys do not have the same functionality. Why is this?

*Im not sayin that WIN XP is any better, and I have yet to try LINUX. The problem is that several of my friends have bragged about how much better the MAC OS is. So far, I greatly disagree.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

LIVE BANDS (ive seen)

Bands Ive seen live (almost in chrono-order)
01 Sugarcubes @Six Flags
02 New Order @Six Flags
03 Duran Duran
04 Pink Floyd
05 NIN @Masquerade
06 Lenny Kravitz
07 Sting @Lakewood
08 Lucious Jackson @Roxy
09 Smashing Pumpkins @Philips Arena
10 Kiss @Philips Arena
11 Fishbone
12 2 Skinny J's @Masquerade
13 Orbital @Tabernacle
14 the Crystal Method @Tabernacle
15 Whitey Ford AKA Everlast @Tabernacle
16 Sugar Ray @ Tabernacle
17 Rahzel @ Variety Playhouse
18 the Roots @ Roxy
19 Rage Against the Machine @ Phillips Arena
20 John Mayer @ Eddies Attic
21 LIVE @ Lakewood
22 Counting Crows @ Lakewood
23 Chris Robinson & the New Earth Mud @ Variety Playhouse
24 Uknown Hinson @ Smiths Olde Bar
25 Gogol Bordello @ 40 watt
26 Coldplay - 09/28/05 @ Phillips Arena
27 Electric Eel Shock - 10/03/05 @ Earl
28 Iron & Wine w/Calexio -12/16/05 @ Variety Playhouse w/Joy,Lisa,Todd
and various local ATL bands
*thanks to Lisa for jogging my memory, and to HopDog for all the music goodness

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Snow flurries?

So I still dont have a car. Damnit!!! Well this time I found a couple of 2002 Honda Civics that met my requirements. I went back to the Honda because I was burned on my 1st two trials at picking various cars that I thought may do. Both turned out to be lemons. A 95 Nissan Maxima and a 98 Subaru Forrester.
The first Civic, and what I thought was the best option - was sold before I could get a carchecker to run diagnostics on the car. Im not spending $3k or more without getting a pro to examine the car. The second Civic, I went to the dealership, put $2k down contigent on the car checking out perfectly on the diagnostics. It didnt check out perfectly - even tho they assured me twice that it would. I patiently await their return call to work out this problem...

But for now - I smile and begin packing, because I'll be snowboarding tomorrow at Hunter Mtn in upstate NY.