Thursday, April 28, 2005


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*I believe that LOVE comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

1968 Chevy Camero droptop
1953 Chevrolet Corvette convertible
1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

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VOIP and then some

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

to know me...



DOB: 07/21/69
Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays / Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

looking for miss...

I am in need of, and have been searching for, a date, a
companion, a consistent lay? What can I say - I enjoy sex.
I just want some kinda woman interaction in my life. Having some form
of that in my life motivates, excites, drives, takes, makes,
completes, and causes me to be a more positive being in the world.
I blame myself because I havent been very proactive - and its not
that I want to take it slow, I just seem to be more focused on other
things in my life (work, play, hobbies, etc.)
I have been half-ass looking at internet possibilities of
interaction, but nothing
I am currently listed, been searching thru, have posted ads on, or
plan to try these sites:

So if any of you women out there wanna take a chance, dont
hesitate to contact me. Or if you have any advice, I welcome it. I
believe that love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.


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Monday, April 25, 2005

downloading mp3s

Again, maybe things balance themselves out over time. Sure it doesnt make it any better if you are in the crappy phase, but try to keep focus on the good or positive things - it may make it a little easier.
The RIAA and the MPAA have been rolling in cash, cash that the artists behind the project should be getting a larger share of. Now maybe the artists are getting more exposure, real distribution - that is free of charge to them - and creating a wider audience for them. This, in turn, may bring more cash their way - still via the RIAA (more purchases). I think many would agree that it is/was a mob-like system that needed to be changed. But where do we go from here - is yet to be decided. The battle is still being fought. Educate yourself.

Great application for ripping your CDs on a Windows machine:

Remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) off iTunes music (MAC & WIN).

Best mash-ups ive heard:

the politics of stupidity

I wouldnt say that I have given up, I just think that my overview has changed. I have come to the belief that maybe things arent so bad in the world(politically). Sure I think that we should have a different president other than George W Bush, but what can 1 person do for politics?
There is no doubt that our legal system is screwed, top to bottom - like a gentlemans club. And its expected, after all - it is part of the government.
Call me politically apathetic? No - I feel fine.

There are all of these people with similar ideas or goals. They wont work together because of their egos. They want the money for themselves. They don’t want to share. They want the credit or fame for themselves.

The problem is, they are holding this world back from becoming a better place. Their ideas are nothing when they correspond with that attitude. Their intellect and knowledge are wasted on their own greed and self-preservation.

I somewhat agree with my friend Alberto...
Maybe in the long run, it all works and balances out - maybe its karma? I guess we will find out someday.

The Internet has always been a medium for democratization, and by reconnecting with our idealism we’re once again uncovering its poetry, nobility, and transformative power.

I am against the death penalty. There is no reason why we should waste a life.

I would really like to hear about follow ups to these kinda stories, but they - like so many others seem to drop off the planet. There is no doubt that we have the technology, but the answers are another problem.

University researchers challenge Bush win in Florida

E-voting May Face Recall in Florida County

Beachin' Dreams

I can only hope that I am getting more in touch with figuring out what I want in life. Living at the beach is one of those wants. Ive had it in the back of my mind for a long time, but I have only recently clearly recognized that I need to make decisions, and take steps to get goals like that done. On my recent trip to Costa Rica, it gave me a clearer vision of the dream. Sure I originally had concerns of a Tsunami, since I would be near the beach, but I came to the realization that you cant live your life like that.


Alberto and Eric are in talks of creating a horror flick. Simply because of the ease of creation, sale, distribution, and profit margin of these types of films.

Erics previous idea is a gambling movie, which is right up his alley because that is one of his vices. We collaborated on scene ideas, a title and some other details but a script has not yet begun.

Alberto has plans to move back to Cali by 4th quarter of 2005.

Hopefully more to come...

Why I don’t believe in the future


Prophecy of St Malachy

Some scientists have said that the worlds population will equal the amount of neurons in the human brain and dubbed it the “new age of consciousness”.

Near Earth Object Program


I dunno about you -but I have had many coincidences over the last 2 weeks. Not sure what this means - maybe a glitch in the MATRIX? Or just the end of the world as we know it? For instance, I almost had to call the fire department because my exs' house that she is renting got filled with smoke this past Sunday morning. It is some problem with the heater (furnace) details to come... Also, my friend Michael actually called the fire dept because of a house fire on Metropolitan St. on Apr21. My boss almost called the fire department over the weekend because of a water leak near his main electrical box in his house which produced smoke.

For some reason I stumbled across Burning Man photos while I was looking for something else last week. On Saturday night, a friend stated that he wants his bachelor party at Burning Man this August.

More occurrences have happened, but I don’t remember them…

the reason for blogging

I am hoping that this BLOG may help me understand my own feelings. Sure I am in touch with myself, but maybe this will add even more clarity. By becoming more aware of our non-linear thought patterns, we begin to comprehend the complex nature of understanding. To refine the experiences and knowledge that I may have gained over time.

In this time of refinement and reflection, I strive to feel excited, idealistic, and naive again - I want to be passionate. With this real life that I have walked into - has come real responsibility. That doesnt necessarily mean bad, I just dont know if its good - LOL.

Sharing my thoughts or experiences may also help others, possibly swoon a woman?!?, and/or improve my writing skills.

Note to self:
RISK EVERYTHING. I cannot, and should not try to over-control things. I cannot live in fear of the repercussions of my actions. I need to learn to trust my instincts again. Sharpen my reflexes.