Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My first email scam

Here are the emails:
01 - A Potential Buyer has Contacted You
From: Lee Darlton (ownersweb@owners.com)
Medium risk You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe
Sent:Thu 6/28/07 9:36 AM
Reply-to: leedarlton@yahoo.com
To: doncransono@hotmail.com

Greetings from Owners.com! Lee Darlton has seen your listing at http://www.owners.com/AWW5725 and has sent you the following message:

Hello, I am interested in buying your property that you have for sale. Please contact me if it is still available for further arrangement, I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Lee's Email: leedarlton@yahoo.com

***Is this message SPAM or FRAUDULENT? Click here to report this message to Owners.com: http://www.owners.com/tools/composemail/reportEmail.aspx?email=leedarlton%40yahoo.com (If link does not work, please copy and paste it into your browser.)

We care about your safety and security. Please beware of potential fraud. Most scams involve one or more of the following:
* Inquiry from someone far away, often in another country.
* Inquiry from someone acting on behalf of a "client" or "customer".
* Buyer is willing to purchase site unseen.
* Buyer cannot or will not meet face-to-face or speak on the phone.
* Proposed transaction includes a cashier's check, postal money order, Western Union, online escrow service, or wiring funds into a bank account.

Should you receive a message that meets one or more of the above criteria, we recommend that you do not reply in any way. Instead, please forward to us at help@owners.com for further investigation.

02 - Questions on your property for sale...Do respond a.s.a.p.
Sent: Sun 7/01/07 10:24 PM

Hello, Thanks for your mail. Sorry for the delayed response. Meanwhile I believe first to secure the property through a deposit before any arrangement is to be made. I am impressed with the property. I will love to call you to discuss with you but i am still on a business trip in UK and would like to know the followings about your property.

1. Your bottom price(State it)
2. Is the property originally painted?
3. What is the present land metre
4. How the property has been maintained.
5. Any records available?
6. How many owners?
7. Insurance certificate if any?
8. When did you buy the property and why do you want
to sell it?
9. Are you a US citizen?
10.The property and the ownership is on whose name?

However, I would like to know your last pri ce (non-negotiable)from that of the net price for onward transaction,if your price is ok then I can arrange for a deposit while my agent will call you to arrange for the property inspection and other necessary renovation if any will be taken care of by him. Do get back to me immediately as I have limited time to conclude this this transaction. Till I hear from you have a wonderful day.
Regards, Lee

03 - Payment/Inspection Arrangement
Sent: Fri 7/13/07 7:10 PM

Hello Donald, Thanks for the information. I have accepted your price.I will make a deposit of ($30,000) to you for the property. I have made out a certified cashiers check of ($38,000) then the balance of $8,000 is for my broker for his trip to the states for property inspection and other necessary renovation and welfare. So you're required to deduct the deposit of ($30,000) and send the balance of ($8,000)to my broker for other necessary arrangements and if he is satisfied with you then i will go on to complete the transaction in the states.So if this is Okay with you kindly mail me back am so much in love with your property. Please Confirm this and provide the name, full contact and phone/fax number as required for check payment to be delivered
directly to you. This is for security reason,again that am paying directly
to you in person and for easy communication b/w both of you.

Kind regards, Lee

04 - payment confirmation
Sent: Sat 7/21/07 9:05 AM

Hello, Sorry for the gap in communication which was due to the fact that i had a serious accident and was hospitalised. However, i write to inform you that the payment package for the property been bought from you will get to you in about 8 days time. You should consider your property sold. I advice that you should stop accepting offer from other interested buyers since your payment has been confirmed. Once again, i apologised for the delay in this transaction and will be contacting you as soon as you receive the payment package.

05 - Thank's for ur patience
Sent: Thu 7/26/07 12:37 AM
Hello , Thanks for your patience,Sorry for the gap in communication It was sent via express regular mail and you will receive check before saturday or monday.so please get back to me once you receive it.

06 - Information needed
Sent: Fri 7/27/07 10:23 PM

Hello , How are you doing?Hope fine. pls hold $2,000 out of the $8,000 and keep it these will be given to the agent when they come for inspection at ur place.Please go ahead and send the $6,000 to the agent via MONEY GRAM OR WESTERN UNION money transfer outlet around you. She will head to the location of the property as soon as she picks up the funds in order to carry out the inspection. The agent will contact you as soon as the funds are picked up by them to fix a convenient day and time for the inspection.

You should split the $6,000 and send to each of the information below, minus the transfer charges.
Below is the agent's information Brooklyn, Newyork :$3,000(minus transfer charges)
Name: Lisa Lancaster
125 Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn, Newyork 10001

2:Below is the Agent's daugther information:$3,000(minus transfer charges)
Name:Dr Rose Lancaster
125 Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn, Newyork 10001

AGENTS EMAIL - ( agency_delivary10099@yahoo.com
Please remember that you are required to forward the two(2)money transfer details after you have done the transfer so that she will proceed immediately
1 - Western Union transfer control/reference number(MTCN)
2 - Senders name and Address
3 - You are to state in your e-mail the exact amount that you sent after the transfer charges have been deducted.
I will complete and sign the contract and i will have it sent to you immediately it's done before the inspection takes place in 3 days time. The agent will also provide a copy of it on the inspection day.
I will like you to please get back to me soon as the transfer is done tomorrow so that all necessary things can be concluded soonest. I await to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thanks and God Bless You
Kindest Regards

073007 - I recieved the check in the mail (see images above)

073107 - I take the check and printed emails to the bank...
I walk in, the guy asks "Welcome to Bank of America, what can we do for you today?".
I respond, "I'd like to speak with customer service.
BOFA: Whats this in reference to?
Well, I think I gotta fake check. (I hand it to him)
BOFA: Hmmm. Well... Uh... (he looks it over). Lemme go have this checked out.
I wait 5 mins and he comes back with the printed emails I gave him.
BOFA: Yeah, we called the other bank. Sorry about that. Usually the clue is that you have to send money somewhere else, as part of the deal. Anything else we can helpya with?
You can keep the printed emails. Are you guys gonna investigate?
BOFA: Well we can tell you how to file a police report. Our hands are kinda tied since this is outta the country.
(Even tho the 2 people that Im supposed to send money to are in NYC).
Aight, we'll maybe the next one will be real.
BOFA: Have a good day.

Banks arent that interested in protecting the people. This illustrates that point. If you get your credit card # stolen, all they normally do is just give you a new card & #. SCAMMED

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Fox, a Wolf, and a Whole Lot of Bull

(what else can you expect from Fox news?) - The story of how FOX news will spin a topic, even tho the guy answers the tough questions directly - and back it up. Our media is such a joke. I can only hope its not too late for us. This guy is the most well spoken, with the best ideas - that I have ever seen. And he's Republican?!? Wierd! Either way, Ron Paul gets my vote - and more. Part 1 | Part 2

Monday, July 23, 2007

Realtors, why do they make so much money?

Either way, their days are numbered. With new web apps squeezing the most out of data, individuals can do much better off without a realtor. Why do realtors (or their companies) get paid so much for doing so little? Look around at your options before signing with a Realtor. Looking to buy? Do it without a realtor and get 75% of the commission - http://www.buysiderealty.com | http://www.trulia.com | http://www.iggyshouse.com | http://www.housingmaps.com | http://www.zillow.com | Update: The Real Estate Bubble Commeth