Monday, April 25, 2005

downloading mp3s

Again, maybe things balance themselves out over time. Sure it doesnt make it any better if you are in the crappy phase, but try to keep focus on the good or positive things - it may make it a little easier.
The RIAA and the MPAA have been rolling in cash, cash that the artists behind the project should be getting a larger share of. Now maybe the artists are getting more exposure, real distribution - that is free of charge to them - and creating a wider audience for them. This, in turn, may bring more cash their way - still via the RIAA (more purchases). I think many would agree that it is/was a mob-like system that needed to be changed. But where do we go from here - is yet to be decided. The battle is still being fought. Educate yourself.

Great application for ripping your CDs on a Windows machine:

Remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) off iTunes music (MAC & WIN).

Best mash-ups ive heard:

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