Wednesday, April 27, 2005

looking for miss...

I am in need of, and have been searching for, a date, a
companion, a consistent lay? What can I say - I enjoy sex.
I just want some kinda woman interaction in my life. Having some form
of that in my life motivates, excites, drives, takes, makes,
completes, and causes me to be a more positive being in the world.
I blame myself because I havent been very proactive - and its not
that I want to take it slow, I just seem to be more focused on other
things in my life (work, play, hobbies, etc.)
I have been half-ass looking at internet possibilities of
interaction, but nothing
I am currently listed, been searching thru, have posted ads on, or
plan to try these sites:

So if any of you women out there wanna take a chance, dont
hesitate to contact me. Or if you have any advice, I welcome it. I
believe that love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.

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