Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Web 3.0 ideas/concepts

(in other words, what i (and ideas from others) think the next generation of web needs to be)
-every webpage could be user re-configureable. And a layout/style button. In theory, the last person to modify the page - is the way the next new person would see it. The returning users would view the layout that they have chosen or created (via a cookie). The layout button would be a dropdown, to view all of the various styles in sequential order. This would enable users to potentially make the site more usable to each individual. Elements such as videos/channels and music could also be shown on the page - along with the provided content from the site. Something like - we are promoting this video, here are your collected videos. The user could quickly add this sites video to their playlist or video collection. The same goes for the written content, photos or music. Could the user add elements? Based upon a browser setting, other users could choose to enable or disable this, along with a
Social aspects(facebook) and widgets would also be tied in. I would think that the mobile users would have an impact in this as well.
-content is open and easily portable or collectable
-less keyboard(more 1 click functionality) - easier to use(usability). Using openid for automatic username & passwords, voice entry, (kinda similar to minority report).
-Fully controlling our data and interface. A mash-up, personalization through configuration
-Ease of connectability, thru various hardware advancements
-Semantic -to perform reasoning on user's behalf or machine-facilitated understanding of information in order to provide a more productive and intuitive user experience
-more pervasive??? (technology used by other devices as well - phones)
-applications would be hosted
-more free services & software
-3D paradigm(2nd life web experience) will come of age in Web 4.0

To borrow from businessweek: A web that gives people the tools to craft their own tools, their own software, etc. Why go to YouTube when you can set up your own MyTube, with the same functionality but tailored to the specific purposes of your blog/community website/etc. People will be able to create their own complex online social media tools with a few clicks, but remain linked to other tools and other people through tagging, rss and all that good stuff.

Special Reports Web 3.0

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Strategy Consultant Sramana Mitra, after receiving reactions and feedback on her definition of Web 3.0, writes a follow-on synthesis explaining why the Semantic Web can only be implemented in a Contextual Domain. Thus, Web 3.0 according to her, is a Verticalized, Contextualized, Personalized Web. 01 | 02 | 03

1. gestural and voice computing-with the growing emergence of interaction design, user interface design technology and innovative emphasis software will eventually be operated via gestures of the hand or eye (similar to virtual reality gaming) and voice via certain demands
2. more software embedded in browsers-many new software companies are moving towards the 'always on' model where software operates via a browser and doesn't require any downloading or installation on your desktop or server
3. eventually there will, most likely, be a linkability web app that allows you to use all of your disparate desktop, server, and mobile devices and programs (including telephones, fax, instant messaging, pagers) in a single browser window on your desktop or handheld device
4. you also have to begin to expect the advent of avatar interactions in virtual worlds as a part of social networking and social shopping

Much thanks to Charlie Deppner, Michael McReynolds for thoughts/input.

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