Monday, February 18, 2008

Set Top Box/PVR/PC

Why burn content to DVD to watch it on your tv? Media is dead?!? Not yet. This box (Divx Connetcted) is apparently only for watching (windows) divx videos, music and photos (jpgs/bmps). But it does look like there are plugins being developed, however it looks like the plugins are channel/content based? More info on this device here: 01 | 02 | 03
Im not planning spending my money on physical media like Blu-Ray, especially since it will be defunct soon. With online storage and backup available - the only thing holding (most) people back is cost and transfer time. And that may be the tipping point.
I think that a mythtv, dreambox,, slingbox, or apple tv may be a better solution for now.
My ideal set top box would have:
-internet surfing
-plays most file formats
-storage or usb for external drive
-does videophone
-built in wifi, acts as a router

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