Friday, February 22, 2008

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iPaper: a Simple Way to View and Share Documents on the Web

Keep Tabs on Hard Drive Health with HD Tune

sounds in your head? (continued)

What would it take to send the U.S. economy—and New York’s—into free fall?

My Favorite Speculation in the Coming Dollar Rally

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly in Two Minutes

can easily change themes of the site

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Our mission is to help people navigate the complex and confusing legal industry. Choosing a lawyer is an incredibly important decision? Yet most people have no idea how to go about doing it. Avvo is guided by two basic principles: 1. Focus on the needs of regular people. Avvo was created specifically to help people who know very little about the law and may have no experience choosing a lawyer. 2. Provide information, as well as guidance. We believe that providing open access to information about lawyers, coupled with guidance on how to use that information, is the best way to help people choose the right lawyer.

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