Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'll say it again...

Sustainability. Many companies could spend some time researching that word, and how it relates to their business or products. I think it will be more than just a trend of the future... Some people are just doing what they believe in, instead of waiting for the evidence. And thats a pretty strong statement. Eleven Questions - Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself, before begining a project.
1. Do we need it? Can we live without it?
2. Is the project designed to minimize waste?
3. Can it be smaller, lighter or made from fewer materials?
4. Is it designed to be durable or multi-functional?
5. Does it use renewable resources?
6. Is reuse practical and encouraged?
7. Are the product and packaging refillable, recyclable or repairable?
8. Is it made with post-consumer recycled or reclaimed materials and how much?
9. Are the materials available in a less toxic form? Can it be made with less toxic materials?
10. Is it available from a socially and environmentally responsible company?
11. Is it made locally?
About Sustainable Design, MASSIVE CHANGE, A very interesting video on (driving loyalty) building brand, marketing, and gaining marketshare. VIDEO: Eric Ryan Presents The Method Story, method Revolution (company music video), Donny Deutsch interview with Method founders, News segment with method founders, method = detox your home. ECO NEWS 01 | 02 | I wanna say that I remember reading that Benjamin franklin was big into recycling, how to reuse items or working towards zero waste. Does anyone have a link for this? One last question... Have you inspired someone today?

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C-Rella said...

Yeah but here is where it gets interesting... who really "needs" the diffuser and candle shown in the Method clip you've shown?