Monday, December 17, 2007

Adobe Flash Player 9 (HD)

From the desk of Kevin Crawford... Adobe has released the support of HD Video in their latest flash 9 player. After installing there is a gallery of video to look at. Its the next level of video. There is also a technical document provided here & here(PDF). Best Flash websites of 2007? Not sure if I agree, but most of them are kinda neat. I dont want a website to be a piece of art in a museum. It just wouldnt be a website. A website is supposed to provide information, give something back to the user, and potentially be a portal for users that love the product, service, or things that the website is. Youtube is great for its videos. Wikipedia - great for its info. Good websites shouldnt try to be something that they are not. But if they try, they better be pretty good a trying - or its a failure. Feel free to hit me up on more of my highly opinionated thoughts on this...

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