Thursday, December 20, 2007

gadget widget ads.... next is blipverts?

Think you have a short attention span now? The future looks even more like a blipvert (submit yours here?). And just when I've figured out that multi-tasking may not be the best way to get things done. I truly believe that we need more time to think about things, the impact of those things, process them (hopefully learn from them), and continue moving forward. So user beware, there are more and more things out there to attract your attention, and the modus operandi is: "It has to be compelling enough for someone to want to grab it and place it onto their page." Widgets are the new ad kid on the block. And there are so many things you can do with them... SmartLinks - 02, Widget Ads, Google Gadget Ads, Google Gadgets, SnaggableAds (pointroll | clearspring).
Sure people can use these things wisely, and for good purposes, but the people driving these and its motivation come from ad firms and money. So continue to educate and prepare yourself, for our ever-changing, shorter attention-span future. FYI - new ad term: engagement clicks = measure the ways the consumer interacts with the ad. More info on widgets/gadgets. How to keep widgets from slowing down sites (javascript embedding)
Thanks to Kevin Crawford for the heads up - or shall I say - the hypnotic stare.
ps. Anyone know how to remove the skin of the Chumby, so it just shows the window?


fraser k said...

do you mean on the physical chumby that shows up on your door step? or the chumby in your sidebar?

don_mecca said...

the chumby in the sidebar. I think it would be a much better device without the skin...