Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the slow collapse of BIG MEDIA

They are supposed to start rolling out the 6 strikes anti-piracy plan this month?

What they are probably trying to do is discourage/scare people that are DLing(downloading) stuff. Many people gave up when they started blocking thepiratebay.se

But most of us know how to get around their ways of tracking user traffic.
Just download from the magnet links and go into your preferences and set force encryption to true. It might make your download slower sometimes but for your privacy/protection, it's worth it.

However, I have several friends that have stopped DLing - they are just watching streaming movies/tv shows now via various websites - and swear by it.
> http://www.1channel.ch
> http://www.viewmix.tv

The torrent sites I use are currently:
>> http://www.torrenthound.com/
>> http://kat.ph/
>> http://fenopy.se/

What the media companies dont understand - or dont want to offer is a general pay per view system, much like iTunes or Amazon Prime. Sure, there is room for NETFLIX, HULU, REDBOX - for now. But again, in the long run, I dont think that customers dont want a limited bundled package. They want the option of watching what they want, when they want it. And maybe thats why torrent files are the go to option?