Wednesday, May 08, 2013

SCAM shopping sites or - Super deal?

The son of a friend of mine is looking to buy something off of a questionable website. He asked me what I thought of the site. The first thing I did was to lookup who owns the site:

   Registered through:, LLC (
   Domain Name: JACKETSSALE2013.COM
      Created on: 06-Mar-13
      Expires on: 06-Mar-14
      Last Updated on: 06-Mar-13

   tian xiawei
   chenli haishi
   Texas, TX 52896
   United States

   Administrative Contact:
      xiawei, tian
      chenli haishi
      Texas, TX 52896
      United States
Then I did several searches on to see what I could find ( scam, reviews, etc).

There was not a lot of info, which means, I would not trust the site. But it could just mean that since they are so new (as you can see from the info above), there is not much info on google... yet. I did find this:

And seeing this site makes it sound like they want to be associated with this site (confuse people):

Examples of similar scam sites:

I sent them an email from the contact form on their website, and hope that I get a response: Curious to know if this is a scam website. There are no customer reviews/forum. I dont have a problem with purchasing 'knockoffs', I just want to be informed whether or not what I may purchase on your site is really made by the specified manufacturer, or if its a replica. Thanks

I will report back if I get an email from them, or any other details.