Friday, March 14, 2008

links of the week

carbon fueled nanites will overtake us all
a nice youtube video explaining their video services
Wordpress plugins & reviews
google health?!?
free online file conversion (upto 100MB free)
google gadget
gadget awards
google talk badge
How to Embed RSS Feeds into HTML Web Pages - The Easy Way
why not create a user configurable flex version?
save lives - donate a gift
Race row as actor Robert Downey Jr 'blacks up' for new film
Mike Doughty Gets Relaxed, Joyful - on NPR
You Know You're A Redneck If...
illustrator vector gel button tutorial
the release of Watchmen on 03.06.09
test web & email, with trial option
google account multi-login
new design websites/trix
good powerpoint
be aware - the instructions assume you know how to use jquery - it's not that tricky..
Google funds Photoshop-on-Linux work,39001469,62037989,00.htm
just went to Office Depot and picked up some self-adhesive plastic laminate to make the stencil out of
AppJet Makes Simple Web Apps A Breeze
photo shufflers/slideshow
too cool
sketchup for dummies
Mexican Island Paradise on 250,000 Recycled Floating Bottles
free apps
One-to-One Investing
a brain fitness program
Tweako A Social News Site For Tutorials
Could we create characters for our courseware or our website with this?,en&camera=245
Gizmoz Launches - Create Your Talking 3D Avatar
interesting question
-cellphone info -
here crooks and swindlers work together to scam everyone else -020207,72628-0.html?tw=rss.index
Video Distribution
Video Codecs
Wireless Portable Cell Phone Drive Unveiled -020207
MapMyEvent is a portal that delivers map information for any event along with information about hotels and landmarks around it. You can use Mapmyevent to generate customized link for your own events.
tokbox chat

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