Monday, March 31, 2008

client approval site

About a year ago, my friend Michael McReynolds, Kris Sheets and I talked about creating a content approval site for clients. We could get work, show concepts to the client, get their feedback - and finally client approval on the work. I mentioned this to the company I work for (, and they thought it was a great idea too - especially since we could put it to use there as well. Ben Johnson created a working interface, but this project took a backseat to paying clients. In the last couple months, we ran across 2 websites that offer these services - and they have been working on this for over 2 years now...
+ Website Review
(Launch Demo)
+ Image Review
(Launch Demo)
+ Document Review
(Launch Demo)
+ Video Review
(Launch Demo) looks to do what we need, but the interface is not as easy to use - as one would expect - in working with clients. I mean to say - you dont want to have to educate your clients on how to use your website do ya? Ideally, it should be so easy that you dont have to explain it.
-It works and
will start using it now!
-interface is not intuitive
-no drag n drop upload of files
-no support for ai, swf
-no thumbnails of videos or other assets? seems to be more fluid in its approach, but it has its limitations as well. I recommend trying both - and seeing which works best for your needs. Now if someone could only mash them both together...UPDATE: Is FeedbackFX part of ReviewBasics? or is this video just made by the the same peeps that did their video?


Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for the comments about ReviewBasics! Your review is very good. Yes, FeedbackFX is the engine that drives ReviewBasics.



Anonymous said...

Hey... I just logged into rb... and I must admit I am confused by what I am supposed to be doing within this site!? I clicked the top one that is labeled instructions and I read your instructions to go use and ... I also clicked on ALL of the "show details" below and they slide open something that says "Author did not provide document specific instructions"... I'm lost. Am I supposed to give feedback within rb - if so, how?

Also, ALL of the text turns green when I rollover the main column. sickening. Literally - I feel sick.

On the project management, client approval front - I have been working with two people on building something similar to what you guys are backburnering at novologic. I won't mention specifics because I know you will share all of our secrets, but I can say - it's going to kick Basecamp's arse. As soon as we are in Beta I will send you guys some invites...

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous,

Feel free to email with any questions. You can create a new account inside, upload files, and invite your friends to review your files.