Thursday, March 13, 2008

Costa Rica in June (for 2.5 months)

(video is from CNBC Costa Rica 5-4-06) Ok, so the rumor is true. Joy, Candler and I are going to Costa Rica June 4th - August 12 2008. If we all like it down there, we may decide to try and live there. But before we can, there are many details to work out before we know if that is possible. Joy has given notice to her job, Candler will be out of school, and I hope to continue to work for from Costa Rica. We already have tickets and passports for our summer trip. The question on everyones mind is - Why? I have been, and its super friendly, just a 4 hour flight from ATL, and is beautiful. My question is, why wouldnt YOU want to move there? One persons personal experience.


robwonton said...

Save us a room. How are the child labor laws there? Maybe we can put Maya and Candler to work, let them start earning their keep.

Seriously, hope it works out.

Unknown said...

Awesome Don. Hope I can go down there with McRenolds in July

Anonymous said...

oh costa rica! you should try to visit
..its pretty there :D


Unknown said...

Who's jealous? This guy! I hope everything works out for you guys if not you can start a kickball league down there.