Monday, June 11, 2007


Im a little confused with Realtors. Especially the fact that they want a percentage of the sell price as a commission.
What exactly do you guys do to earn $3000 or more dollars for selling or buying a house? And on top of that, you recommend that WE pay for listing services for our house (like FMLS)?!?
I also think that you guys do not play fair. Realtors call me all the time telling me that they have a buyer for my house and want a 3% commission - from me?!? If the person truly wants to buy the house, arent you obligated to sell the house to your client? And from what Ive heard, realtors shy away from the FSBO houses - which sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
If you guys really believe in the things you say, then why hasnt someone taken me up on my offer?
Take my sell price, add the total commission you desire (and all other costs), and relist my house at the new price. And sell my house in less than 90 days.
I am really interested in your response.
FYI - My house is currently on MLS (for free)- 02172545. I cant figure out how to see the listing tho. - listing

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