Monday, June 04, 2007


The respiratory system is made of body parts that are in charge of your breathing. It includes your nose and nasal cavity. You inhale air though your nose. As you inhale, small specks of dirt are trapped by many tiny hairs in your nose. This cleans the air. The hairs stop the dirt from going further in your body. The moist inside surface in your nose traps even smaller pieces of dirt.
So for the first time in maybe 12 years, I trimmed ALL my nose hairs - as short as I could. I always pluck, but I was a little frustrated with the overwhelming growth - so I was like - why dont I just trim all the suckers back? BIG MISTAKE. And now I am writing myself a note - and warning others not to do this. I have been in sinus hell for the last 4 days. And will this not stop till my nose hairs grow back? Thanks for listening. Le Miserab...

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