Friday, June 01, 2007

music, music, music

I have rediscovered my love for music. My friend Dave Giordano (AKA: DaveMFG, DaveG, the G) is in the ATL from ChiTOWN (Chicago). So I decided to load 4 beastie boys albums to my shuffle in celebration. FYI - new album June26. I dont like the functionality and the restrictiveness of iTunes, so I found a really cool app - Floola - on LifeHacker to load my music to almost any ipod. The Beasties will crank all weekend long!
From Flashguru: Since Teknision put together Finetune Desktop with Apollo, ive been using it religiously. I archived all of the music on my local machine and cleared up a good 20gb of harddrive space, and now i use Finetune Desktop instead of ITunes simply because a) it is free and b) it allows me to put together playlists of my favorite tunes, share them with everybody and play all my favorite tracks on all of my computers without ever having to have those mp3 files on each machine. I can even play them on my Nintendo Wii.

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Thanks for thinking of me CreamCorn.