Thursday, March 01, 2007

Today+Politics+Politicians = WASTE

I have been troubled over the years by 9/11, the war, Bush and his adminstration, and the various issues related to our somehow elected officials (federal and state). What I have feeling is powerlessness - for change. And no matter how much information I try to obtain - to help clarify things, it all doesnt seem to be of much value. I have made a decision, to not follow politics as closely as I have. I am still concerned about issues, but since it seems that there is no real value to the time spent educating myself - of the issues, I will discontinue giving them that much time. And now more than ever, time seems short for all of us - so enjoy it, and use it wisely. I await the day where we dont need overpaid politicians holding office vaguely representing us, but a real vote of and by the people, directly on each issue. And with the technology available, those days are soon to come.

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Anonymous said...

Do the opposite of what the enemy wants you to do. No matter what your politics are, that is the winning strategy.