Sunday, March 18, 2007


Neokast (windows only, Xvid, networking technology/not video codec) multicast video, similar to Joost, no video-on-demand or TIVO capabilities (yet).
Let's put that in a real-world context. Three megabits per second is almost precisely 1000 gigabytes per month, which is half the allotted monthly throughput for a $6.99-per-month web site at 1&1. So if Neokast's claim is valid, it would be possible to broadcast American Idol or the Super Bowl or friggin' CNN worldwide for $7 per month.
Here's what makes Neokast different from other peer-to-peer products, especially BitTorrent. Unlike BitTorrent where you are downloading a file, with Neokast you are intercepting a video stream. Under normal circumstances the client does not end up with a local copy of the complete video, the P2P caching aspect of the product being limited to a few seconds or at most minutes of content. This makes video rights management much easier and ought to appeal to TV networks and movie studios. -
Ideas: create own network? sell ads? post wedding videos? (social network channels - show/share family videos) but whats the difference between cease and decist, and suing for showing copyrighted content?

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