Sunday, March 18, 2007

Specific media tracking app?

Say I was looking for 3 Flaming Lips tickets, on the floor, for April 11. I would like to configure Craigslist Athens, Atlanta, ebay to notify me of any updated info on this. Or what if I wanted to compare prices and also see when prices change on a specific media player ? Or follow news on a specific story? Is there such a way to do this - or is there such an app?
A great function for websites, webapp, rss add-on, (news/products/pricing/real estate)- to be able to commonly link to a topic/story/website(s) - and you get automatically notified for any updates on specific details. It would be something similar to an RSS - but it would be more detailed/specific, and only react when new content is available. what would make it even more powerful - if it could track/compile data from other websites. I wanna say that i have heard of various sites that kinda use this functionality - but in a limited way. Just one idea on my quest of ideas.

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