Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Car status update

Well I dontated my 1992 Honda Civic to the Kidney Foundation. They came and picked it up and sold it for $550. The repairs she needs mechanically are more than she is worth. And I dont think she has much left in her. My friend Rob and others have said that I have been driving on borrowed time. Ive had her for over 12 years, 255k miles.

Im currently driving an 88 jeep wrangler that a coworker is selling for $3500. He is really cool and let me borrow it, even tho Im not going to buy it now. I have to put $60 worth of premium gas in this baby every 3 days. Its real fun to drive cuz its been raised 7 inches, has the 32in tires on it and is wide open. A jeep was always my dream car and for $3500 - this thing would be a good deal. But the gas guzzlin is a deal breaker. LOL.

So I was looking at a used TOYOTA Prius (hybrid) $10k. Its 4 doors and sips gas at about 50mpg. And a lot more practical. But it has too many miles. The battery system ($6k) is only warranteed for 8 years or 100k miles. The Subaru 2000 Forrester is $9k* EPA Mileage 21/28 - Rob recommends the newer/lighter trunk model. 2001 Honda Insight - $11k - but its only a 2 seater. I have a Vespa that is being repaired in the shop. That will be my ideal commute vehicle.

I like the Honda CR-V at the moment. For the price, value, etc - I think it best suits my needs. But this Civic aint bad either.

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