Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Snow flurries?

So I still dont have a car. Damnit!!! Well this time I found a couple of 2002 Honda Civics that met my requirements. I went back to the Honda because I was burned on my 1st two trials at picking various cars that I thought may do. Both turned out to be lemons. A 95 Nissan Maxima and a 98 Subaru Forrester.
The first Civic, and what I thought was the best option - was sold before I could get a carchecker to run diagnostics on the car. Im not spending $3k or more without getting a pro to examine the car. The second Civic, I went to the dealership, put $2k down contigent on the car checking out perfectly on the diagnostics. It didnt check out perfectly - even tho they assured me twice that it would. I patiently await their return call to work out this problem...

But for now - I smile and begin packing, because I'll be snowboarding tomorrow at Hunter Mtn in upstate NY.

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