Tuesday, June 02, 2015

manually operated automobiles obsolete? how soon is now?

Google, UBER, Apple, and car manufacturers are rumored to be developing/testing driverless cars. I think that cars could be our future public transit system. The public could donate their car for a discount or a limited use of the transit system. The users of this system would ride in the automatic driving cars, to and from destinations by request via their smartphone app. The cars would routinely be refueled, cleaned, washed, checked, repaired and maintained at nearby hubs/stations. Why would anyone want to own a car if cars were easily and readily available at any time?

-safer? less accidents? saving more lives?
-more efficient in energy expenditure
-traffic lights/speed traps/police patrol/speed limits could become a thing of the past
-no more purchasing of cars by the general public (they will be owned by the service operator?)
-no need for personal car insurance? this will most likely be transitioned to something else
-loss of jobs. no need for truck drivers, bus drivers, forklift drivers and more