Wednesday, September 12, 2012

tablets (just fancy gadgets?)

For the power user (and value) for $200, either get the Nexus 7/Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, or wait for new lower priced and smaller version of the ipad to be released in October. But you must first ask yourself, why do you NEED a tablet. If you just WANT a tablet - then stop reading and just go buy one.

The next question is: why wouldn't you just buy a swivel laptop instead?
($$$ need example from Kasey here)

Best comparison charts:

Some 'power user' things to consider in tablets:
- 3G/4G option for internet use on the road
- Nexus 7 has NFC support
- does it have the full OS experience (iOS/Android)?
- Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (faster on Fire HD?)
- usb or proprietary connection?, sd card slot?
- No GPS, Accelerometer, Magnetometer/Compass, Gyroscope on Kindle Fire HD?
- Nexus 7 has no video out capabilities?
- does it have dual cameras (front and back)?
- app store - The Amazon app store is greatly limited compared to Android or Apple

>> Great article on Amazon and their Kindle Fire HD

A similar question is: do you WANT the iphone5, or do you NEED it?
Overwhelmingly, I'm sure that most of us could not justify needing it.