Sunday, September 02, 2012

Purchased a Treadmill

We are looking for a treadmill to run on. Atleast 2.5HP motor, adjustable incline, foldable, heart rate monitor, and not above $400. Big question: What is the HP of the motor? We want at least 2.5HP, and anything over 3.0 is also unnecessary. Craigslist currently has several gyms that are selling their equipment.

Sure it can be an expensive purchase, but like with most things - if you dont buy it new, you will save a lot more money. The other thing you have to think about is - that this is an investment in your health. So you want to get something that meets your needs. The other big part about exercise - is motivation. Unfortunately, I didnt find a place to purchase that ;-). Music really helps with motivation when it comes to exercise.

Low Country Fitness seems like a high possibility. They refresh their stock every week and have updates on WED/THURS. Good prices on NEW equip.

Ratings by model

Asher Appliances
4677 Covington Hwy, Decatur, GA
(404) 288-8476

They sell mattresses, refigerators and more. We bought our treadmill fully assembled in Feb 2012 at Asher for $600 ($1200 online new) on my VISA card as a scratch and dent. They had several treadmills listed on craigslist.

Their location had a junkyard/warehouse feel to it. The main guy and all the employees were friendly and helpful. Especially needed their help to get it into the truck. I had 2 friends help me get it into the back door of our house at a wierd angle. I will probably pay to have it moved next time. It is 250lbs and wierd shaped so it is not easy to move - unless you are rolling it on the floor (it has weels).