Thursday, January 10, 2008

SupaEasy Remote Desktop

Crossloop is a remote desktop application with an easy to understand interface. You can literally get up and running in minutes without knowing a thing about ports or protocols.

There are other applications that will let you connect to another PC over ther internet like LogmeIn or VNC. But neither is as easy to use as Crossloop. Normally, remote desktop applications require that the host PC to run a server which can be complicated to set up, not so with Crossloop. The person needing assistance just installs crossloop and runs the main application, then goes to share, and gives the access code to whoever is helping them. That person then enters access code and all the difficult stuff is handled by the Crossloop server.

Crossloop recently created a social network, connecting people who have problems with people who want to fix them. You can even build up expertise, a type of karma system that reflects on how effective you are. From:

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