Thursday, January 10, 2008

spam filtering for snail mail?!?

Are you tired of opening your postal mailbox only to find it littered with catalogs for products you'll never buy or from companies you've never heard of? Do you think about deforestation as you throw out the catalogs without even thumbing through them? The Ecology Center started a project (complete with slick web interface) called Catalog Choice to help us fight back against catalog spam. It's a pretty simple concept: you register on the site, search their catalog database for that "unique gift" catalog you want to stop receiving, and tell Catalog Choice that you want to opt out of it. They will contact the catalog company for you, ultimately saving trees and your mailbox space.

The service is free, and you can have multiple names and residences on one account. While there is not currently a way to opt out of all catalogs with one click, you can submit catalogs that don't appear in their lists. We are fans of helping the environment and preventing spam at no cost! Via -

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