Sunday, January 01, 2006

american idiot

This is an interesting little rant i found on a site while looking at prices for SD cards:

A 4 Gig Ipod Nano cost $250 but 4GB of New SD memory costs around $250 by itself.
How can that be? Who is ripping who off? It all comes down too how much WE are willing to pay. People have too much money and still want more. This is why everything from Ipods to Houses costs way too much. Spread your wealth.

If you don't want to pay arms and legs for stuff follow our 3 step plan.
1) Stop spending money on foreign products, invest in american made products even if they are from foreign companies because they employ american workers and pay american taxes. This also helps our economy because they also export to other countries (keeping the dollar in check with global inflation)

2) Support antiwar (which spends billions on supporting and revitalizing other countries which helps to raise the national debt where in turn we end up owing other countries huge amounts of monies which we try to pay off by giving them inscentives to import here but not export there.)

3) Reduce your dependency on petroleum products. This is most difficult but you can atleast try. Buy glass or metal products instead of plastic or styrofoam. Check out this page we found:

(We don't have any affiliation with any of the people listed above but do want you to be informed and not be an American Idiot as they say.)

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