Thursday, January 02, 2014

Stream Media to ChromeCast

Push content from your mobile to your tv with $35 ChromecastRight now, you can only stream Web-based media content, but that may change soon? And as of yet, there is no XBMC hack either...

So do take a look at the Roku or other Android TV sticks that basically let you add the Android OS and all its functionality to your TV via an HDMI port. Such devices include the Mini iMito MX1, Favi SmartStick, and Plair 2.  

>> ChromeCast - supported media file types
>> iPhone app for ChromeCast
>> Android to ChromeCast
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For more advanced users:

>> Plex to ChromeCast
>> FlashCast for ChromeCast
>> Local Media Playback for ChromeCast (via any OS? computer)
>> ChromeCast emulation app
>> Turn Your PC Into A ChromeCast With Leapcast
>> Google ChromeCast on OSX without a Chromecast Device
>> RemoteCast beta for Android
>> BubbleUPnP
>> BubbleUPnP playing XBMC video to ChromeCast
>> ChromeCast: Cast movies from your Desktop Computer
>> Google Cast (chrome extension)
>> ChromeCast photos - chrome extension
>> QuikIO HD (acquired by yahoo)
>> QuickIO on iTunes
Use your ChromeCast with Gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive?

>> More information may be found in this article