Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Personal challenge/DARE/COMPETITION

Email me with your challenge - and an offer ($25 minimum), and I will either accept, or engage you in a discussion on the challenge you have submitted (to talk about final options/rules/etc). You may suggest it to be a competition (where I match your bet) - winner takes all.
Challenges will be documented, video/photos links will be posted on my blog/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Vimeo/etc.

Some ideas for challenge submissions:
-do tough mudder (10-12 mile obstacle challenge)
-no alcohol for 30 days
-no foul language for 30 days
-how many pushups in 60secs
-writing one hour a day or diary for 30 days
-cooking a new dish for every dinner for 30 days
-one piece of art, or sketch every day for 30 days
-raw fruits/veggies only for 30 days
-24 hrs as homeless in shelter in downtown Atlanta
-homeless/no wallet every weekend? fri-sun? for 30 days
-Polyphasic/biphasic Sleep for 30 days
-sell 30 items on ebay (get rid of stuff)
-take a self portrait - http://kottke.org/11/03/everyday-iphone-app
-sing a different song outloud in public or video posted on internet for 30 days
-comment on a different website for 30 days
-learn to play a song on an instrument in 30 days
-consume a gallon of milk in 1 hour
-try not to say or think any negative thoughts for 30 days
The underlying goal here is for betterment, or self improvement. Hoping to avoid shock value or the reality show path of mostly showing people breeding negativity.

This was inspired by: TED - 30days / Morgan Spurlock
TED - Trying something new for 30 days / Matt Cutts


I Bet You Will began as a popular Internet webcast of five-minute episodes featuring ordinary people doing disgusting, unusual, or embarrassing stunts in exchange for money. Examples include eating a full jar of mayonnaise ($235USD), eating a "worm burrito" ($265USD), and taking shots of corn oilPepto-Bismollemon juicehot sauce, cold chicken broth, and cod liver oil ($450USD for all nine shots). The webcast was a success, with over a million hits in the first five days.[citation needed] The show was later bought and aired by MTV. Some example videos: video 01, video 02