Thursday, June 09, 2011


What I see next on the horizon is pay per use services. I think we are already down that path but I think the pricing structure will continue to get even smaller. Whether that is a pay per phonecall, pay per 15mins of internet usage, or pay per half hour to use applications.

I know that some of us can remember the convenience of pay phones. Phone booths that were located at almost every gas station, diner, restaurant and more. That device may be almost absent from todays landscape, but its concept of pay per phonecall may be what we are returning to.

Technology is making services cheaper to provide. Which may also lead us towards the end of the TV format as we know it. I would say less than 5 years left on its lifespan. Various web services are now integrated into the TV(if you still want to call it that), or provided via XBOX or similar device.
I see the push of LIVE TV programming of sports games and American Idol as the marketing of that content with an illusion of an expiration date or happen to be more relevant closer to the original broadcast date. However, content is only as popular as we make it - as we vote/choose with our money.

Could wifi routers, cellphone become part of the network (the repeaters) and share the connection? And would that make for better coverage?

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