Thursday, July 01, 2010

$15mo T-Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Text + iPhone FTW

Goodbye AT&T, welcome back T-Mobile! So I was paying around $50 monthly to ATT for 450 minutes. I recently heard about a tmobile pay-per-use txt only plan for $15 a month - no contract. Costs $10 for activation - and I got $3.25 credit on the account. If I want to make a phonecall with this account - its .10 cents a minute. I dont plan on paying for calls via my tmobile sim. I do plan on using texting for most of my interactions. If I want to make a phonecall, I can do that via wifi. And I am within wifi range for most of the day (home/work). I am using gizmo+google voice, icall, and vonage - to make free phonecalls - as best I can - via my jailbroken/unlocked 3G iphone. My reasoning is that me and my friends are doing more and more texting.
>> T-Mobile Prepaid Plans $50 Unlimited Talk/Text or $15 Unlimited Text Started May 16