Sunday, April 18, 2010

iCURRENT (news reader)

Overall, its interesting, but still lacking in areas to make it more compelling.

-easy to setup to match my interests
-but just a step above what a RSS reader does (how is it more different?)
-i like the content channel page format
-i like the front page of the newspaper feel

-info nuggets not easily portable? ex: for use in igoogle
-cant sort by content type? (video, audio, podcast, ebook, and most viewed, etc)
-content display should look more segmented (look at tweetdeck or similar for ideas)
-logo/banner needs improvement
-i dont see that they advertise their facebook page, or their twitter page
-is there a forum to discuss issues, or blog for your site/team?
-iphone/android app? or atleast an ETA on mobile app?
-embeddable html badge for websites - to show/share the users content channels
-read my post dated 071409 here

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